My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let go and Let God!

Lately, I have felt impressed by God to share some love from the book Forgotten God, by Francis Chan. I am reading chapter five today. It is about a real relationship with God. The chapter opens with a quote by Karl Barth, "When we are at our wits' end for an answer, then the Holy Spirit can give us an answer. But how can He give us an answer when we are still well supplied with all sorts of answers of our own?" Yes, Yes and Yes!!! This is oh so very true in my life. I can come up with all kinds of "answers" I think suitable or best for my life. It is so hard to "let go and let God," as my former pastor used to say. I like to be in control. Too much! But oh the freedom and peace that fills my soul when I do step out of the way and let the Holy Spirit have His Way in my life!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My little darling just had to put on my lime green tank top this evening. I think it's safe to say that she may be just a little "obsessed" with the color! haha! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Do You Want Him?

I'm currently reading, Forgotten God, by Francis Chan and man is it a good book! I just wrapped up chapter four and it was a very convicting chapter. It made me think, a LOT! Chapter four, "Why do You Want Him?" has you question your true desire for more of the Holy Spirit in your life. Do you want more because you long to bring glory to God and honor Him, or do you want more for selfish reasons i.e. attention and miracles? The Apostle Paul writes in the first chapter of Galatians, "For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ!" (I added the exclamation) God desires that we seek Him wholeheartedly. He wants all of you! Every gift he's given you-- use it for His glory. Every talent, the same! It's all for Him, or nothing at all! I tend to want to make others happy or gain the approval of others. Lord help me to deny my selfishness each day and serve You above all. What a wretched sinner I am. Thank you so much for your grace Lord Jesus!

On a much simpler note, Spicer just woke up from nap saying, "shoes." I had to put a pair of shoes on her, that she picked out of course! Wonder if she had been dreaming about them... :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


"Moo-moos!" Spicer said demandingly as I opened her closet door this afternoon. She calls her cowgirl boots, "moo-moos." I grabbed them and put them on her. Then she started patting her head saying "moo." I said, "do you want your cowgirl hat?" She said, "yep!" So I grabbed her hat. She put it on. Apparently everything that has anything to do with a cow is a "moo-moo!" I love it. She wore both her "moo-moo's" out to play this afternoon! Cracks me up! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Youth Camp!

Our family has been busy little bees lately. Finished up VBS a couple of weeks ago and just returned from youth camp in Orange Beach, AL. Youth Camp was our first big family trip with a little tot tagging along. I, the mom, couldn't believe how much thought and preparation went into getting everything packed and ready to go! It was all worth it though. The week leading up to youth camp we had several "tests" I guess you could say. It seemed like if it could go wrong, it did! Spicer got sick with some weird fever/rash illness, Jared got sick with a sinus infection and our vehicle, a 2009 GMC Acadia, decided to have major problems, major! We joked and said "everyone/thing went to the doctor but me." Our trip was only delayed a few hours in the long run with everyone healthy, including the acadia, and ready to go! We arrived in Orange Beach on Thursday afternoon and began a fun long weekend of camp! It was really special for me because when I was in junior/high school we went to the same area for camp. Precious memories! We loved getting to know some sweet 9th grade girls who were the best roomies. Being around them made me feel so young! The band and speaker were awesome! I didn't get to hear the speaker much because I was tending to Spicer in the lobby! :) However, Spicer did enjoy getting her groove on with the band! Did I mention earlier that I was the only family member that didn't go to the doctor before we left? Well, on the evening of the first full day of camp I started feeling achey while cooking dinner. I brushed it off thinking I had just gotten too much sun. I mean that can make you feel achey, right?! Then came the chills as i began getting ready for the evening service. I knew then that I was sick! I had fever, aches, chills, sore throat, and a bad headache for the rest of the evening and the next day. BUMMER! I missed a whole day of camp! So I didn't go to the doctor before camp, but should have probably went during camp! haha! Jared took great care of me and Spicer that evening/day. He's the best! The next morning I woke up feeling much better and was able to enjoy the remainder of camp- Praise God! Two guys from our youth group accepted Jesus as their Savior! Awesome! And God taught me personally to always love Him above my family. He showed me some ways to show him my love before my family as well. I love learning from Him. I love it when he speaks personally to your heart! Jared and I were so blessed by our youth. We were so thankful that we were able to be apart of camp this year and look forward to camps to come! God is good!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Good Books...

I finished reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan a few weeks ago. It is a must read for those of you who want to grow deeper in your walk with the One True God.

Currently I'm reading "The Forgoten God" by Francis Chan. I really like Chan's writing style and his take on Christianity. His books are easy to read and very convicting!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lime Green

When Spicer was about 12 months old she really began liking a special hat. It was a simple pink cap with her initial on the front and ribbon on the back. Until recently, she would wear that thing around the house all the time. I would have to make her take it off before we headed out the door and sometimes it wasn't worth the fight! Well, she has pretty much outgrown her special hat (however, she does still find it and wants to wear it). Now, she has moved on to a new security item, a bright lime green t-shirt! She got this shirt from our church trike-a-thon. It is about 2 sizes to big, but she insists on wearing it. If we are at home she finds this shirt, wherever it may be i.e. clothes hamper, laundry pile, or dresser, and whines for me to put it on her. This is usually how it happens, first thing in the morning she finds it and puts it on (with a little help from me of course). Sometimes she puts it on over whatever she is wearing for the day. If we leave and she has to take it off, as soon as we re-enter our home she finds it again and puts it back on! I can barely steal it away long enough to wash it. Currently she is nestled in her clean crib wearing a very dirty bright lime green shirt! Oh, how I love that child! :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Playset!

Spicer Beth absolutely loves to swing! I think she would swing for hours if we let her. :) Naturally, knowing how much she loves this activity, Jared and I have been wanting to get her a swing set. We have been looking for several months for the perfect one. I never knew how difficult it would be to decide on which swing set was best for our family. So... finally, we found THE ONE in Springdale! Not wanting to pay for delivery and set up charges, we made our way up the hill to pick it up on Saturday. Sunday morning, I awoke to Jared already hard at work on setting it up! He, along with a few friends, worked on it all day Sunday and most of the day Monday. Then, around 8:00 or so, Monday evening, it was finished! Spicer was so excited! She swung her little heart out that evening. It blessed my heart to see her enjoy it knowing how much we wanted her to have the swing set, how long we had searched for just the right one, and how hard Jared had worked to set it all up! Then, I thought, if I, as a mere mortal, love to give my sweet daughter good gifts, how much more does our Heavenly Father LOVE to give us good gifts?! And how much more joy does it bring to Him when he sees us enjoy those gifts?! I'm so very thankful! I'm thankful that we were able to give Spicer a swing set to enjoy now and for years to come. I'm thankful to Jared for working his head off to set it all up! But, more than anything, I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father who loves to give good gifts to all of us! :)

Monday, June 07, 2010

We had a VBS kick off at church Sunday night. I dressed as a Cannon lady and Spicer was my Cannon tot! We had a great night of fun and fellowship! Our focus this week is Joseph and the story of how he was sold into slavery in Cannon and ended up in Egypt. We will emphasize how God had a great plan for his future despite his difficult situation (Jeremiah 29:11). I pray the Lord will use every aspect of VBS this week to draw those sweet kids unto himself. It's going to be a great week! :)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Recent Rodeo!

We took our sweet little Spicer to the local rodeo last night. She was decked out! She wore a pink shirt, jean skirt and cute little cowgirl boots. I had so much fun getting her "cowgirl" outfit put together! Grandma (Jared's mom) decided to join us for the evening. We had a blast! Spicer clapped, danced and watched the riders intently! Then, when it was time to head home, I walked ahead and watched my sweet family trek down the bleachers. Jared and Janet, friendly with everyone as always, and sweet Spicer Beth following in their footsteps, waving and smiling at everyone as she passed! This warmed my heart. I'm so thankful for a family who loves God! I'm thankful that my sweet little 18 month old daughter sees this example and is following in those same footsteps! So, while it was fun getting Spicer all dressed up, dancing, clapping, and yelling for the cowboys, the highlight of my night was observing the goodness of God on my precious family!