My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Our sweet little family of three will soon become a sweet family of four! Yes, that's right, we are expecting our second child! Praise the Lord! We could not be happier!

We've known that we were expecting since December 4th. I was due to have a visit from good ole aunt flow that day and just felt like I wanted to take a test. I dropped Spicer off at the sitter's house and headed to the Dollar Store to purchase the cheapest test available. I thought, if this dollar test shows I'm pregnant, then I must definitely be pregnant! Sure enough... came home... took the test... pregnant! I just knew it! I had thought I was pregnant before and been way wrong, but this time, I was RIGHT! Yay!

Due to some pregnancy complications with Spicer I immediately began blood work. I found out I was pregnant around 8:30 a.m. and was at the doctor's office around 10:00 a.m. having my blood drawn for lab work. Crazy! I've been having blood work each week for 5 weeks now (including the week we found out).

Today was a special day! Today I not only had blood work but we also got to see and hear our precious baby's heartbeat (148 bpm) via ultrasound! It was amazing! SB didn't care for it too much though. lol! She can't stand for anyone to mess with me in any 'out of the ordinary' way. Thank goodness that a couple of girls from our church work at the doctor's office. They were able to take care of her and give her some suckers! She loved that! Give her a sucker and she'll forget all her cares and worries! lol! Jared and I were then able to enjoy seeing our precious baby! The ultrasound tech said everything looked great! Praise the Lord!

Currently, I'm 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and the due date is set for Aug. 14, 2011! A summer baby! Yay! I've always thought it would be neat to have a child with a summer birthday so they could have swimming birthday parties! :) So far, this pregnancy has been wonderful! No pain and no bleeding like I had with SB. Thank you Jesus! It has been truly blessed and I believe it will be the entire way through! I've only had a touch of nausea here and there, but nothing like I had with Spicer and nothing a little medicine doesn't take care of! :) The number one symptom for me is tiredness! And I mean, TIRED! I sleep as late as Spicer and wish she would sleep later. And then I nap when she naps! It's like I just can't get enough sleep. And the smallest activities just wear. me. out! lol! :) I'm hoping at some point I can muster up the energy to get my Christmas decorations packed away! It's all good though! All part of God's way of taking care of that precious little baby growing inside! Such a marvelous miracle! :)

Before I made you in your mother's womb, I CHOSE YOU!!!! Jeremiah 1:5 --- God has already chosen this child and we know He has awesome plans for the little peanut! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

december in pictures

cupcake playdate... Spicer loves playing with her friends...

and eating cupcakes!

Living Faith Nativity Drive Thru... Spicer loved petting all the animals, riding in the very back of the suv with Lora and eating her candy cane!

Christmas Tree Farm... We all helped Aunt Lora pick a tree... Daddy helped the most!

more to come... my internet connection is just to slow to upload any more photos for now.

all she wants for christmas...

Aren't little two year olds the sweetest?! I think they are, especially my little one. Spicer tells us that all she really wants for Christmas is a Candy Cane, oh and maybe a sucker or two! I love it! It doesn't matter who asks her, that's what she says. How sweet is that?! When we ask her who's birthday we celebrate on Christmas she says "BABY Jesus!!!" Oh how this warms our hearts! On occasion when Jared or I have asked her in front of someone, (you know, trying to show how proud we are of her) she'll say Christmas is about Candy Canes. lol! That's what we get for being proud! wink. This is going to be such a fun Christmas with miss Beth! She gets so excited when we talk about baby Jesus' birthday, her stocking or Santa. She just loves it all! I'm so thankful for her excitement and love for life! She's awesome! :)

last Christmas... 1 year old :)

this year... 2 years old :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

John 1:3

My sweet little Spicer Beth has memorized another scripture. Yay! John 1:3 All things were made by Him. She says John 3:1. lol! When I say, "say your scripture," she says Psalm 67:3 first and then goes right into John 1:3. Precious! Hearing the word of God come out of her mouth is the absolute sweetest thing I have ever heard. God is so good! And I am so very very thankful! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Spicer Beth is 2!

Well... I know I'm a bit behind on doing a post about Spicer's second birthday. This time of year is so busy that I'm just now getting around to it. Spicer Beth turned two on November 23. And, I must say, she is one very happy and spunky two year old!

We celebrated her birthday with a family party in our home. Throughout the entire party she kept singing, "Happy Birthday to you!" It was so cute! She was just so happy and excited about everything, especially the cupcake. I actually made the cupcakes this year. My first time to ever make a cupcake. Simple. Easy. Just the way I like it! We kinda had a little cowgirl theme for her party. I sent out cowgirl invitations, her cupcakes were topped with cowgirl toppers and the cupcake stand was made out of hay bales. That's about as far as the theme went. (We went to Branson the week before her party, so didn't have much time to do anything else. I'll post about the Branson trip later.) Oh, and Spicer wore her little cowgirl tutu! So cute!

Like I said, Spicer is so spunky. She's got a bright and shining personality (just like daddy). She loves to laugh and joke! Her and daddy are constantly joking around with each other. It cracks me up! She also love to run. I mean, loves it! She'll say, "ready, set, go" and she's off! She's getting pretty darn fast too! Dancing and jumping also top her list of favorite things to do. When a song is fast, she moves fast, and when a song is slow she moves super slow. Hilarious! She got a little trampoline for her birthday and I think she would jump on that thing all day if we let her! She loves being outside and playing on her swingset too! She just loves life! She is full of it!

We started her little tot school back in September. It's been good for both of us. We haven't been able to do it much the past month or so, but we fit it in when we can. She's definitely learned a lot from it! By her second birthday she could... recognize all the basic colors (red, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple, black, brown, white), recognize several shapes (triangle, square, circle, oval, heart, diamond, rectangle), count to 3 (lol), recognize at least 10 letters of the alphabet and their sounds, she's almost got the abc song down, memorized 1 scripture- Psalm 67:3 Let all the people praise thee. (she leaves the 67 out, I think because she can't say it.) She loves to read books. My favorite is when she's reading the bible and saying Jesus about every other word! I'm very proud of her and her love for learning! It makes this former teacher/mommy very happy! I pray she will always love learning and be a life long learner.

Thank you Jesus for our Spicer Beth. Next to Salvation, she is the greatest gift we've ever been given. Jared and I treasure being her parents and pray that she will choose You as her Lord and Savior someday soon. We commit her to you and pray your blessings upon her life. Help us to raise her in your way. We praise your Holy Name!