My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

beautiful february weather!

This winter has been nothing short of awesome! We've hardly had any really cold days and just one day of snow! I love it! I'm a warm weather gal so this winter has fit perfectly with me! It's hard to believe that we're having 60 degree weather in February! The kids and I are loving it! We LOVE to play outside on nice pretty days, but then again, who doesn't! Axl is loving his walker. We put him in it for the first time the other day and he happily played in that thing for an hour or so! Of course, we were outside so that might be another reason why he liked it so much. He loves it outside! He kept giggling each time he inched the walker a little closer to me!

Spicer has been such a big helper around the house lately! The girl is becoming a pro at folding dish towels! She started out rolling them but then watched me a few times and now she does it almost perfectly! We need to keep this laundry thing going! (it's probably my least favorite chore so I'll happily pass it on to her! lol!) Mr. got in his high chair at Ma's house for the first time the other day! He loves it! He knows he's big! Isn't it so funny how they just know it! AWESOME!

I know i've said it before but I'll say it again, I absolutely love being a mommy! I always knew I would, just didn't realize how much until now! When they bible says Children are a blessing from the Lord, it sure is right! (like the bible would be wrong?!) But seriously, I can see why people just keep popping the kids out! Each one truly is a HUGE blessing from the Lord!

Happy Thursday! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

around here...

Great Grandma Eula Mae Spicer (whom SB is named after) passed away on Jan. 29. She was 85! She lived a life of service to the Lord! She truly was a Proverbs 31 woman to the tee! We surely are missing her and will continue to miss her each day but we have confidence that she is with sweet Jesus having a jolly good time worshiping Him! We sported our best for her "home going celebration of life" service! She would be so proud of her little sweeties looking their best for her! :)

I celebrated my 28th birthday this past Saturday! Yay! It's hard to believe that I'm 28! What's even harder for me to believe is my senior class will have our 10 year reunion in May! What the flip?! I'm so thankful though for these 28 years of life. I'm thankful that the Lord Jesus has been with me all those years, teaching me and guiding me! What a blessing! He has blessed me beyond belief and I'm so undeserving but very very thankful! I'm excited about serving him this year! On a simpler note Jared says I'm having a late twenties crisis! lol! (He's totally joking btw! He jokes like that! :) I colored my hair dark, started a new workout program and have been tanning! ha! Really I'm happier than ever and loving life! God is good! Oh and if you were wondering what the new darker hair looks like, well... here ya go:

My little man has had rsv (ugh) this week. It's the dreaded illness that i've feared since SB was born! it wasn't too bad until he began running fever on Monday. We took him to the doctor on Tues. and I just knew he would need to be admitted to the hospital! He was just pitiful! After a chest x-ray and some blood work we discovered he had an ear infection along with the rsv! I was very thankful that was what was causing the fever and not pneumonia! God is good and Axl is doing much better! PTL! Little miss started running fever last night... you know that's how it goes! Took her to the doctor today and she too has RSV! But who says you can't have fun with RSV! lol! Love my sweet kiddos! They are so good even when they're sick!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

6 months!

Sweet Axl turned 6 months old last week (1-26-12)! I'm just getting around to posting due to the passing of Jared's sweet grandma this past Sunday. It's been a bitter sweet week around here. I'll post all about Jared's grandma soon but for now I'll stick with our little six month old!

Height: 26 1/2 inches
Weight: 19 lbs 3.5 ounces of rolly pollyness! :)
Food: All kinds of stuff! Carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas, rice cereal, bananas and some meat. He loves it all! Formula -Enfamil A.R. for babies who Spit (about 4-6 ounces every 3 or 4 hours).
Sleep: Wow! Sleeping has been something else lately! He usually goes to sleep around 7:30 for the night. But then, he has been waking a few times each night and not going back to sleep until he gets a bottle or just wants to stay awake for a bit! What the flip? lol! However, the past couple of nights he seems to be sleeping much better and slept until 6:15 and then last night 4:15. Much better than waking 2 or 3 times a night! It's time to get out of the nap nanny and into the crib but he's so spoiled to it! I've got a feeling i'm going to be one tired momma this next week trying to break him in! ;)
Clothes: 9-12 months size 3 shoes
New stuff: sitting up on his own pretty good he still needs something behind him because sometimes he likes to swing back all the sudden! Pulls to standing! He loves to stand! Still wobbly but sometimes he can balance himself for a couple of seconds without support! He is scooting around a little when on belly. He's not too big of a fan of tummy time though. This is exactly how spicer was. He gets pretty frustrated when he is trying to get a toy and can't! He looks like a sky diver a lot of the time! lol! Sometimes it sounds like he's saying mama when he's upset!
Favorites: He loves big sister! He enjoys Praise Baby and Baby Einstein. Loves his swing! He likes his exersaucer and sit and play. He has started going for toys during tummy time. He can roll from back to belly. He has rolled from belly to back but nothing consistent. He's just pretty darn easy to please! Such a laid back boy! He loves to squeal! and we love hearing him squeal! Oh and he loves loves loves giving open mouth kisses on the cheek! Mommy loves this too! so so sweet! He's rather stand than do anything else!

*We had a good check up this month. Dr. Jon always says how social and happy he is! He always says how social he will be as a child! Dr. Jon is referring us to a physical therapist to help stretch out his neck. He tends to hold it to one side (a result of sleeping the same way every night in the nap nanny, another reason we must bid farewell to our good friend). Other than that we'll go to children's in april to have his bump scanned to know for sure what it is. Not looking forward to that. He will need to be sedated. God is good. He is faithful. and I know he'll take care of it!

Thank you Jesus for a happy healthy baby boy! We adore you Axl Joe! :) You just fit right in with us!