My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Coupon Clippin' Fanatic!

It's official! Lately, I've became a little coupon clippin' fanatic! and I like it! I get so excited about how much money I can save! It makes me feel so good to know that I can save some of Jared's hard earned money. I want to be able to help him out the best I can. :) Since I don't bring in any income, this is the best way! I've dabbled in coupons before, but nothing real amazing. I'd get a coupon for something I didn't even need and go buy it. Now that isn't really saving is it?! I've decided that this time around, I'll only clip the coupon if I know it's something we'll need or use on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

Oh how I want to be such a better wife and mother. Being sick this first trimester has shown me how valuable my time is and how much I can actually use it wisely! I'm thankful for that!

Does anyone out there cook and freeze meals? I stumbled across this on the website and wondered how that would work. Could I actually plan and organize that? Make a system that would work with my personality? I don't know, but it's definitely something I want to check into. Especially with a second child on the way! :)

If you haven't already heard about these money saving websites, here are a couple that a S.S. class at church passed along to me! (btw I absolutely love what this S.S. class is doing!)

Friday, January 21, 2011


What do the letters U. T. I. mean to you? Well... to me they mean Unfortunate Tiring Infection a.k.a. Urinary Tract Infection. UGH! So... I know lately my blog has been mainly about my pregnancy qualms but come on, I've got to vent somewhere! Before I begin my vent, let me say, I'm so very blessed and thankful to be pregnant. I know that many women try and try for years and are unable to conceive, so I do not take that for granted! ;) That being said, here goes... Last Wednesday I started getting so super achey. I mean, I've been achey throughout this pregnancy, but this was like "I'm about to die achey!" I then began running a fever. The dreaded fever! Any time I get fever I feel just. plain. awful! So, Thursday morning I called the good 'ole doc. The nurse told me it sounded like I had the flu. So. To Promed this gal went. By the time I got there I was feeling much better. (Ya know how that goes.) Tested negative for the flu. The doctor thought I might have a UTI but I didn't test positive for it so she didn't give me antibiotics that day. She said to call back in a few days if I had any other symptoms i.e. burning while urinating, back pain, etc. Well, I had a fever the next morning but that was it. Saturday I began to have some of the other symptoms. So, the doctor called me in an antibiotic. I was fever free Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday. Then, Monday evening I began running fever again! UGH!!! Tuesday morning. Back at the doctor. This time, my OBGYN. He basically just told me to continue taking the antibiotics and get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. So much for that doctor trip! lol! No, I love my doctor! :) After all that, I finally didn't have fever all day yesterday or today! Praise the Lord! Before this UTI, I had never had one. I had no idea they caused this much of a hassle! Now, if I can just get over this extreme fatigue I'm experiencing. I mean. EXTREME. FATIGUE! (Is that normal?) I'm guessing so, just don't remember being this tired with Spicer. Whelp... there you have it. My vent session is officially concluded! ;)

Every good and perfect gift is from above. (This is part of a scripture found in the new testament. I don't have it totally memorized and am way too tired to look it up right now. it just popped into my head and wanted to share it! :) This baby is a good and perfect gift no matter what little trials I may face along the way. God is good!)

thought I'd add this picture. Jared snapped this of me and Spicer when I was about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. My little belly started poking on out real quick with this pregnancy! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, how I love Jared!

Currently I'm laid up in the recliner. My body is aching from head to toe. Oh the pregnancy woes! lol! What is Jared doing? He's doing his favorite thing... playing with Spicer! He has been such a blessing to me over the past few weeks of pregnancy. Here's a few things he's done to take care of me: made sure I got what I was craving i.e. sushi (cooked of course), mexican, and pizza parlour pizza (drove in the snow to get that), helped me get caught up on all the laundry (a ton of it), done the dishes a few times, let me get a cleaning lady for a few weeks, taken care of Spicer, and today he even went grocery shopping! He is one AMAZING husband and I'm super blessed and thankful that he is all mine! :)

Wake. Up!

First of all, isn't it super cold outside?! This morning on my way to bsf the thermometer in my car read 16 degrees!!! Craziness! This gal is a warm weather gal, so needless to say, I'm very ready for Spring! (of course, I'm always ready for Spring after Christmas!)

The past four or five weeks have been a little "abnormal." I'm pregnant, tired, sick... ya know! And, oh yes, I still have a little toddler running around! lol! Each morning, because I'm so tired, Spicer hops in bed with me. We finish our slumber together until I hope 8:00 or 8:30. Then, Spicer usually wakes first and says, "Wake. Up. Mommy. Kitchen Time!" Oh how this child cracks me up! She says this every single morning! She's ready to get to the kitchen and get her something to eat! :) I love her so, so much! She's been so good with this whole, "first trimester" thing. Such a sweet girl!

P.S. this morning a "house cleaning lady" (is that what they're called?) came and cleaned my house! Whoop-Whoop! For that, I'm very thankful! :) She's gonna clean it each week until I'm out of the first trimester. ;)

little doll!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

i don't have a title for this.

Spicer Beth is at the sitter's house for the morning. Usually I use this time to clean my house, but today all I want to do is rest/sleep! Those pregnancy hormones are in full gear now! This pregnancy has been similar to my pregnancy with Spicer but also has had it's differences. It's similar in that I feel nauseated pretty much the entire day, just like I did with her. There really isn't any food that sounds good to me. I just eat because I know I need too or else feel very sick! ;( It's different in that I haven't had any bleeding (PTL) or pain (PTL again!). Also, with this pregnancy I've been super achey, almost flu like. There have been times I've got in the shower just to relieve the achiness. One more difference, yesterday I almost passed out. I mean literally. almost. passed. out! I never ever felt that way while being pregnant with miss Beth. I'm just trying to be positive about all these pregnancy symptoms (but it's hard at times). I know that being sick means that my hormones are doing what they are supposed too and that's a good thing! And, being sick (for most women) is just part of it! Many women have done it before and will do it again so I shouldn't complain. God is good and I'm thankful! Just very much looking forward to the second trimester! At least I hope the second trimester is like Spicer's pregnancy... nausea free! :)

An another note. Here are some cute little things that Spicer has been doing lately.... When she swings, she LOVES to close her eyes! And whether she's swinging or just playing outside, she always tells our dog Atilla to watch her! She says, "tata... watch... me!" Yes, she pauses between each word! So cute! One last thing, she got a little drivable car for Christmas and she loves riding that thing around in the yard. She gets so excited! She can't steer it yet, but she can definitely push that gas pedal! :) I just love watching my sweet little girl grow!