My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

i don't have a title for this.

Spicer Beth is at the sitter's house for the morning. Usually I use this time to clean my house, but today all I want to do is rest/sleep! Those pregnancy hormones are in full gear now! This pregnancy has been similar to my pregnancy with Spicer but also has had it's differences. It's similar in that I feel nauseated pretty much the entire day, just like I did with her. There really isn't any food that sounds good to me. I just eat because I know I need too or else feel very sick! ;( It's different in that I haven't had any bleeding (PTL) or pain (PTL again!). Also, with this pregnancy I've been super achey, almost flu like. There have been times I've got in the shower just to relieve the achiness. One more difference, yesterday I almost passed out. I mean literally. almost. passed. out! I never ever felt that way while being pregnant with miss Beth. I'm just trying to be positive about all these pregnancy symptoms (but it's hard at times). I know that being sick means that my hormones are doing what they are supposed too and that's a good thing! And, being sick (for most women) is just part of it! Many women have done it before and will do it again so I shouldn't complain. God is good and I'm thankful! Just very much looking forward to the second trimester! At least I hope the second trimester is like Spicer's pregnancy... nausea free! :)

An another note. Here are some cute little things that Spicer has been doing lately.... When she swings, she LOVES to close her eyes! And whether she's swinging or just playing outside, she always tells our dog Atilla to watch her! She says, "tata... watch... me!" Yes, she pauses between each word! So cute! One last thing, she got a little drivable car for Christmas and she loves riding that thing around in the yard. She gets so excited! She can't steer it yet, but she can definitely push that gas pedal! :) I just love watching my sweet little girl grow!

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  1. Hey! I was hoping you'd be free of the morning/afternoon/night sickness this time, too! So sorry - I can't imagine feeling like that all day! I remember nearly passing out with Macie a few times. Once when I took a hot shower and got overheated. I got out of the shower and had to lay on the floor - it was scary! I hope you start feeling better very soon! :)