My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dandelion Wish

Tonight Jared and Spicer went outside to play for a while. Jared said Spicer loved blowing the dandelions into the air. One time he asked her what she wished for, as she blew into the dandelion, and she said that she wished she was a bird and started flapping her arms like she was flying! I just love her little imagination and I love hearing stories about the special time her and Jared share together. :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Half Way There!

Pregnancy Highlights----

How Far Along: 20 Weeks
Size of baby: He's about the length of a banana :)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not sure. I haven't weighed this week.
Maternity Clothes: Oh YES!
Gender: Boy... Axl Joe Steven Fowler
Movement: He's still a movin' and a grovin' in there!
What I miss: Turbo Kick, having energy to get things accomplished and being nausea free... I think after delivery I'll be grabbing a red bull! lol!
Cravings: I craved a little Chinese yesterday and was able to satisfy that craving at the mall. :)
Symptoms: morning sickness, fatigue, pressure, and a growing belly
Best Moment this week: I wasn't feeling well this morning and Spicer rolled over, gave me kisses and said, "that make you feel better mommy?!" How sweet is that! She's the best! :)

Jared took this of me and SB before church. I know it isn't a belly shot but I am 20 weeks pregnant! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

19 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights----

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of baby: He weighs about 11 oz. and is 13.3 cm long (I was 19 weeks 2 days at our ultrasound this week and he was measuring at 20 weeks along)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm not sure! lol! At my doctor's visit this week they said I hadn't gained any but I'm definitely back to my starting weight. I thought I was 5lbs past my starting weight, so who knows! ha!
Maternity Clothes: Oh YES!
Gender: We found out this week that we are expecting a little boy! yay! We are sooo excited! His name is Axl Joe Steven Fowler! Joe is my dad's middle name and Steven is Jared's middle name. Jared's dad's name was Steve. So Axl's middle name covers everyone! :)
Movement: Axl is a little mover! The Ultrasound tech just kept talking about how much he likes to move!
Sleep: I sleep great!
What I miss: having energy to get things done and being nausea free! I so look forward to that again someday! lol!
Cravings: I didn't really have any special cravings this week
Symptoms: morning sickness, fatigue, tons of pressure
Best Moment this week: Getting to see our healthy little baby via Ultrasound! and of course finding out we are expecting a boy! We are overjoyed with this news! I secretly was hoping for a boy! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We headed to OKC for a mini-vacation this past weekend and man does that city have a lot to offer! We started our trip off at the Roye's house! (The best place in OKC!) Little Jaben just turned two and we were so blessed to get to celebrate his special day with him! Spicer and Jaben have been friends since before birth! lol! They moved away about a year ago and we have missed them so much. So, any chance we have to get together we try and make it happen! Thankfully they are much closer to us now. They started out in Houston! That's way to far for a weekend trip. It's so neat for us to watch Spicer and Jaben together. Even though they don't leave near each other anymore it's like they remember each other! They played soooo well together! So sweet!

The next day we headed to the OKC zoo with the Roye's! Yay! Another day with them! Such treasured time! We had a blast at the zoo and I know the kids did too! That zoo is awesome! We also got to see our sweet friends the Wagoner's at the zoo! That evening we headed to watch the OKC Thunder play some basketball. We were blessed with some cheap tickets and SB even made an appearance on the jumbotron (is that what the big tv is called?)! And once again we got to see the Wagoner's at the game! It was such a blessed day!

On the last day of our little vacation we headed down to bricktown for some lunch at Chileno's. We then took a ride on the boat taxi along the canal. The boat ride was fun and educational but I think SB was ready for nap at that point. We had only been on the boat for about 30 seconds when she said, "all done!" Ha! :) We headed to LA after that!

This was such a blessed and refreshing trip for our little family! We were so thankful to get to spend so much time with the Roye family! They are lifelong friends for sure! God is so very good!

Spicer with the birthday boy!

Lovin' her some cupcake!

Belly shot with Jess! She's about 31 weeks along and I'm 19 weeks. We're both ready for the babies to be here! ha!

Carrousel at the zoo, she chose the zebra! :)

The wind at the zoo was crazy! and so was our hair! lol! Love these sweeties so much!

Spicer with her little "boyfriends" at the zoo! Cutie pies!
OKC Thunder game... of course Jared had to deck Spicer out in team gear! so cute! :)

Boat ride at Bricktown

Thank you Jesus for my precious little family! Can't wait to add little Axl to the mix! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

pickin' flowers at great grandma's house!

Yesterday was such a nice day. It was super warm and the sun was shining bright-- my kind of day! We went down to Jared's grandma's house for the afternoon. To our delight we found all kinds of wild flowers blooming! I love picking wild flowers and of course Spicer does too! Here are some pictures from our day...

Grandma had some beautiful blooming bushes so we decided to make a flower arrangement for her table! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wild Wilderness Safari

Last Friday we headed up the hill to the Wild Wilderness Safari in Gentry. Spicer absolutely loves that place! Our most memorable moment of the day was when we were driving through the Safari. Along the way we encountered some Emu's. Man are those gigantic birds weird looking or what? They have bright orange eyes and they walk right up to your car window. Before we had encountered these "creatures" I asked Jared to put my window on lock so Spicer couldn't roll down the window. Well, little did I know he had unlocked it because he couldn't even roll his window down. Low and behold an Emu is headed straight toward our window and the window is rolling down!!! Yikes! I was yelling for Jared to roll it up and all the while Spicer was rolling it down! Literally that thing almost got its head inside our vehicle! Craziness! Jared said that Spicer turned bright red! From that point forward she didn't want those things getting anywhere near us! And quite frankly, I didn't either! ha! We got a good laugh out of it after the fact! :)

These goats were seriously after Jared! He had two bags of bread and that's exactly what they wanted! I was laughing my head off! He eventually had to hide the bread so he could actually enjoy petting them. :)

This baby goat is only four hours old in this picture. I couldn't believe they didn't have it in a special place. He was just right out there in the petting zoo area. Soooo cute!

Don't you just love my Dora backpack?! It's the new hottest thing! lol!

Daddy with his princess! These two are inseparable!

What a blessed great day! Praise be to God!

Monday, March 14, 2011

18 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights----
How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of baby: baby Fowler weighs about 7 oz. about the size of a bell pepper! :)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: got back to my starting weight this week and gained 3 pounds! I knew I'd start putting the weight on soon! ha!
Maternity Clothes: Oh YES!
Gender: We'll find out March 22, 2011. Yay! (Next Tuesday!)
Movement: This baby is a little mover! I feel it often and can even feel it kick when placing my hand on my belly! Very active!
Sleep: I sleep great!
What I miss: feeling well! yes, I'm 18 weeks pregnant and still experiencing morning sickness, but now it just comes and goes. Thankfully!
Cravings: El Chico's Mexican restaurant! I think I would have eaten it every day this week if I could! I've also craved breakfast food this week: bacon, eggs, and biscuits. :) It's funny because I really don't remember craving much with SB and with this pregnancy I crave something different each week!
Symptoms: Morning sickness, the breasts are still growing, pressure, fatigue (getting better), and some growing pains
Best Moment this week: Feeling the baby move so much! I don't remember feeling SB move this much this early. This one has a lot of energy. But then again, the caffeine I've been drinking with this pregnancy might be making this one more of a mover! lol!

Friday, March 11, 2011

don't ever want to forget...

Jared and I don't ever want to forget SB at this stage. She has so many cute little things she's says and does now. Here are just a few things off the top of my head... I've been sleeping with her since she was sick last week because she still has a little cough. I know if I don't sleep with her I'll get up several times to check on her and I don't want to do that. Anyway, the other night she said, "mommy I need a blanket on my bobo. I'm coldy!" She always says "coldy," for cold. ha! Another thing she likes to do is ask me what I'm doing. She says, "Mommy, what you dodin?" so cute! Spicer really loves to sing these days too. Some of her favorite songs that she can actual sing are Jesus Loves Me, Good Morning God, Holy, Holy, Holy and the ABC's. The past few nights before bedtime she goes to the center of our living room and says, "I have your attention!" And then sings us a song. It might be a made up song or one she knows, but it's oh so cute! The songs she makes up usually have some sorta rhyme or beat to them too. :)

We sure do love our little two year old daughter! God is good! :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Yesterday Jared and I decided that we needed to have a date night. We haven't had a date night in a few months because I just haven't felt like doing much. This date night was LONG overdue!

I told Spicer that Daddy and I were going to go on a date and she was going to go to Ma's house for a little while. At first, she wanted to go with us and I explained that date nights were for mommy and daddy only! :) All day yesterday, we kept talking about it and she was understanding that she couldn't join us this time. When Jared got home she said, "Daddy, you getting ready for your "playdate" with mommy?!" Once again, we laughed our heads off at this girl! That's what she's use to hearing about, all her playdates! So cute!

So, I guess last night Jared and I enjoyed a nice playdate together! :)

Ready for Ma's house!

Monday, March 07, 2011

17 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights----
How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby: baby Fowler is the size of a turnip! weighs about 5 oz.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've lost 3 lbs. and gained 2 back
Maternity Clothes: not yet, but I ordered some the other day
Gender: We'll find out March 22, 2011. Yay!
Movement: little flutters more and more and even little bitty kicks!
Sleep: not a problem! I stay sleepy!
What I miss: feeling well! ha! this too shall pass! yes, I'm still experiencing morning sickness.
Cravings: McDonalds (I know, I know!) McChicken Sandwich, Small fries, and a coke. I'm also craving Salad! I can't get enough good salad!
Symptoms: Morning sickness, the breasts are still a little tender, pressure, fatigue, and some growing pains
Best Moment this week: Spicer seeing my belly and saying, "There's the baby!" I'm big enough for her to figure it out now! :)

Friday, March 04, 2011

Hallelujah Dress!

Last Sunday, while we were getting ready for church, I asked Spicer what dress she wanted to wear. She said, "My Hallelujah Dress!" Oh my goodness! Jared and I almost couldn't stop laughing! We have never mentioned anything about her dresses being hallelujah dresses. ha! I guess she just associates going to church with saying "Hallelujah!" and we love it! We're not sure if there was a certain dress she had in mind, or if any dress she wears to church is a Hallelujah dress. :) I guess we'll have to see what she says this Sunday! I love this girl and all the creative things she comes up with!

I guess this dress could be her hallelujah dress! She always wants to play dress up in it! :) Her ma gave it to her for Christmas.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


This afternoon Jared asked me and Spicer to run to Lowes for him. We needed to pick up some stuff for one of our rental properties. The first things we needed to get were door knobs. We headed on over to that isle and I started searching for the right one. Jared doesn't ask me to do things very often, so when he does I for sure want to make certain I'm getting exactly what he needs and for the best price. Well, while I was searching, I all the sudden sneezed the biggest sneeze ever. And, I bet you can guess what happened next.... Yes! This pregnant gal peed her pants! I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, but this soon in my pregnancy? I mean, I'm not even that big yet! ha! I guess those muscles just aren't as strong this go round. :) And for some reason, I just carry babies super low. Guess that's how God made me. So there's a good laugh for you today! haha! We were able to finish shopping without too much embarrassment, and Jared got the things he needed. :) Thank goodness!


Spicer Beth got sick yesterday. We had to go to the doctor. When we were leaving the doctor Spicer said, "I'm not sick anymore, I went to the doctor. I'm all better!" This girl cracks me up! She definitely has a lot of confidence in the doctor! ha! Too bad that isn't the truth. She's still sick today, but I think doing much better. I'm very thankful for how healthy this girl has been. Other than a cold, this is the only time she's been sick this winter. Praise the Lord! Hope she gets back to her normal energetic self very soon! :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Miss Patty Cake!

Last Friday we took Spicer to see Miss Patty Cake! And oh my goodness, the kid loved her! She danced and clapped the entire time. One of her little buddies from church was there and they had a blast doing all that together! It was so cute! Jared told me one time he almost got choked up watching her because she's just growing up so fast. She went out in the isle all by herself with the other kids. I think this got Jared the most. He couldn't believe she's big enough to do that. He said, "She was just born!" It's crazy how fast it happens, but they definitely grow up! :)

After it was over we waited in line to see Miss Patty Cake. Spicer Beth could not wait to meet her. I was so surprised by this. Sometimes she can be a little timid around strangers, but not Miss Patty Cake. When it was her turn to meet her, she marched right up there, sat in her lap and smiled the biggest smile! Miss Patty Cake talked to her and told us how she'd watched her dancing in the audience. Spicer just couldn't get enough of this lady! Miss Patty Cake just has such a sweet spirit about her and I think the kids pick up on that. She was very warm and welcoming. SB cried when she had to let the next person have their turn. She did not want to leave!

We of course couldn't get out of there without a few dvd's, a Miss Patty Cake doll and shirt! Spicer has the shirt on today and pretty much wore it all weekend. lol! You know how she is with her shirts! ha! and guess what color she chose, lime green! I guess that's still her favorite!

Jared and I love doing stuff with her that she enjoys. We left that night so excited talking about what fun thing we would do next! We just love seeing her get excited about things, especially good things like Miss Patty Cake! God is good and we cherish these awesome family times!

Watching Miss Patty Cake from her chair.

Sitting and listening for a brief moment!

Dancing her little heart out!

SB with her new bff Miss Patty Cake! :)