My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, November 05, 2015


We have had such a fun and busy fall this year. It seems each week or weekend has been filled with a fun "fallish" activity. We went to a balloon festival, apple orchard and pumpkin patch, fall festival at church and of course trick-or-treating. We have loved it all! Spicer B. just wrapped up her first ever football cheer season. She had so much fun with cheer. :) We continue to enjoy homeschooling. We've been busy going to our CC group and co-op classes and bible study. Now, we get some down town from most of that for the holiday season. Axl is enjoying preschool and Judah enjoys going to MDO one day per week. My sweet Spicer Beth chose to follow Jesus as her Lord and Savior and accepted His free gift of Salvation on Saturday, October 24! Bless my soul! This momma and daddy were able to share the gospel with her and lead her to Jesus! Such a joyous occasion! So very thankful for God working in her young heart. :) She was saved almost at exactly the same age I was, both around a month before we turned seven! I think that's pretty cool. ;) This month we look forward to celebrating Daddy's birthday, Aunt Lora's baby shower and Spicer's birthday. Oh, and of course Thanksgiving! We love this time of year!
These are Spicer's cheer pictures, Axl's Pre-K 4 school pictures and Judah's MDO picture. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Around Here...

The Fowler Fam has had a fun and busy August-- early September! We are well into our homeschool year. I believe we are wrapping up our fourth week. God is blessing. He's blessing in a way you might not expect. He's blessing through teaching this momma. I'm learning with each day to rely more and more on him. This homeschool gig is next to impossible without continually staying close to and relying on my Savior. I'm so thankful He chose this path for our family this year. :) We recently went to the "Naturals" baseball game. The kids had fun playing with friends on the playground and inflatables. I enjoy the atmosphere. The fair was in town recently as well. Of course we headed over for a fun filled fair day! We love it! Our church began Wednesday night meals last night. I enjoyed serving with my church family in the capacity. But mostly, I was in dreamland serving with my oldest daughter! Serving Jesus and my church with my child. An enormous blessing from Jesus! I just love Him so. And my girl too. ;) September looks to continue to be busy. But, good busy. :) We are soaking up these days with our sweet family. Serve Him. Serve Others. Love Him. Love others. God is faithful! --Kerri

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


On Wednesdays all three kiddos are home. It was good to have it that way. We've missed our Axl boy while he's at school, but I know it's what's best for now. He enjoys it very much. :) Today, while big sis did school Axl and JL played together. Then, Axl decided he wanted to do school too! He was really excited about it. That got me excited! This is the first time he's really gotten "into" school. He's always been too busy for it! Ha! JL did a little bit of school and then laid down for nap. After we finished our morning school work we headed to the mall for lunch and play. We met up with some friends who also homeschool. Daddy was able to join us because it was a rainy day. That's an extra special treat, and another perk of homeschooling! It was a wonderful Wednesday! Sure do love this precious family of mine. :)

Homeschool Days...

Yesterday was the day of the week when the two littles head to preschool and MDO and SB and I have the day together. She had her violin lesson, we homeschooled, ran errands, completed more school work in the afternoon, picked up the littles and headed to gymnastics. It was a fun full day! Our favorite part was Panera for lunch, right in the middle of the school day. SCORE! ;) And don't the girls look cute in their matching leotards for gymnastics?! My kiddos all enjoy gymnastics! Midway through gymnastics class I realized JL had her passy in her mouth! lol. She did the entire class with her passy in. Girl loves her passy!!! It's gonna be difficult to break the habit for sure. So thankful for the everyday in life. God is faithful. :)

Back to school!!!

Back to school we go! Well, HOMEschool that is. ;) Axl boy is 4 and is going to a pre-k4 program three full days a week at a church and Judah Lou is going to MDO one day per week. Spicer B. started first grade this year. Yep. FIRST grade!!! I can't believe it. She is in mommy's class this year at home. :) We've had a great start to our year so far. As I type this, my three sweeties are enjoying some playtime upstairs on this rainy August morning. They are playing "House." LOVE. Just so precious having them all three at home, instead of one being at school all day everyday. It is such an awesome blessing and gift to be able to stay home and now teach my children via homeschool. It's something I know I will treasure always as a mommy. I'm so very thankful for this gift. I'm thankful to my husband who is the hardest working man I know. He works hard to provide for our family to make my staying home and homeschooling possible. He is such a blessing to our family! Deuteronomy 6:5-9 is our homeschooling verse. I will claim it for our family on the good days but especially on those days I want to give up! And another verse too, "If God be for us, then who can be against us?!" Isn't that powerful! These are two of the verses God used to lead us back to homeschooling. I'm so glad he did! Thank You Jesus! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Kerri

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Wrapping up Summer!

We sure do love summertime around here! This past week we went to the local waterpark, (I didn't get a pic) with family and friends on Monday. On Tuesday Mommy chopped seven inches off her hair! (I was ready for a change and I'm loving it!) On Wednesday we headed up the hill to the AMAZEUM. It didn't disappoint! I've got a feeling we will visit it often. The kids had an absolute blast! Friday, we got together with our fellow hometown homeschool group. We are so excited to get connected with other families in our town who are homeschooling this year. There are six families total! Six! I'm amazed at God's goodness in bringing us together. Wow! We have one week left of summer and then we begin homeschooling. But, lets be honest, when you homeschool does summer break really have to end?! ;) We look forward to it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We have had a full Wednesday at home today. I love days at home more and more as life goes on. I cherish the time with my little ones at home. They seem to be getting so big and I just want to soak in our days! I'm told I will blink and they will graduate from high school. I believe it!! Time marches on and I intend to make the most of it.
We started the day with some shaving cream fun! It was intended to be a letter/number practice activity. Well, it turned into a full on shaving cream fight! lol! We had shaving cream all over the kitchen, dining and living room. We ended that activity with a quick shower. ha!
Big sister began violin lessons yesterday so we had to practice this morning. She is enjoying it so far and little brother is too! ;)
We finished our morning with some painting fun! Notice how nice and neat my first born's painting is. Now notice the mess the second and third born made. haha! Most of their painting is on their bodies. Judah started it! lol. ;) I'm so thankful for days at home. We look forward to trying out homeschooling again starting in August! I'm so glad God has given me a heart for my home and family. These are the days folks. Soak them in and make the most of them! BIG love- Kerri

Time for your check-up!

Miss Judah Lou went to the dentist for the first time yesterday. She did great! I scheduled all three at the same time so she saw the older to go first. When it was her turn she was excited! Love my joyful little two year old. She looks up to big brother and big sister so much! If they can do it, she can too. That's her spirit! :) I should add, big sister did her part to make sure Judah was ok with the whole "check-up" thing. Sweet, sweet friends.

Axl is 4!!!

Our sweet son turned 4 years old this past weekend! Happy Birthday Axl Joe! We are so blessed to have you in our family. You are full of love, life and energy. You are the sweetest thing. You are the orneriest thing. You have a full blown personality. We love everything about you, even the tough things. Your sisters adore you. You show kindness to them in so many ways. You show spunkiness to them in so many ways too. ;) We pray God's blessings on you during this fourth year of life. May your momma do her part to point you to Jesus this year. Much love to you our Awesome son!
We celebrated with friends and family. It was a Water Slide Birthday Bash!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

2015 Summer Pictures

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. Ok, a really long while. Like over a year while! I'm back now and I'm ready to update on this crazy fun, blessed life God has given us. We recently had pictures taken of the kiddos. They are ages 6 1/2, almost 4 and just turned 2. Can you believe it?!!! Getting so, so big. I'm one thankful mommy. I sure do love being "mom" to these three blessings from Jesus. :)