My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Boy!

Axl Joe Steven is 22 months old! He is one busy little guy and I love it! He's kept his pregnant mommy hoppin' the past few months! ha! He is so full of love and life. He loves to play outside and he loves playing in the water. His absolute favorite food is sushi (hollywood rolls from Fuji). He enjoys snacking on yogurt, cuties, graham crackers and gummies. His favorite vegetable is broccoli. Axl has finally began to enjoy watching some t.v. Currently he wants to watch the movie "The Incredibles" any time the t.v. is on. This can pose a problem with big sister. If the movie isn't on he usually goes and turns the t.v. off or grabs the remote and says "bul-bul" for incredibles. lol! I've enjoyed sitting and cuddling with him during these movie times. I've been worn out lately so I'm glad when he wants to sit and watch t.v. :) He and big sister play so well together (for the most part). He's discovered how to let her know if he's not liking something though! ha! He goes into attack mode. Usually it's when she's trying to mother him and he's not wanting her mothering! They love playing chase around the house and outside. They also really enjoy wrestling and playing upstairs in the playroom. When outside, Axl likes to pretend he's mowing, weed eating or blowing off the porch just like daddy. He has a push mower, a weed eater and a blower. It's so cute! He'll say, "daddy mow." He is beginning to say more words or trying to say them. Sometimes he'll really try to tell us something in gibberish and he has the deepest cutest little voice. Axl Joe is all boy! Rough and Tough! But he also has a sensitive side. If he gets startled or scared he will grab his chest and run to his momma. He'll say, "me." It's so sweet. At meal time he puts his hands together and bows his head to pray. At the end of each prayer he always claps. :) He is such a special little guy and I'm so thankful God chose me to be his mommy! Love you bunches my little Axl!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

37 weeks!

Well... we made it! I'm full term now. Actually I'm well into full term (38 weeks tmwr). Praise the Lord! When I first found out I was pregnant I really didn't know how my body would respond. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to carry another baby with my blood pressure being high now. The category of medicine that worked to control my blood pressure was unacceptable during pregnancy. I didn't know if the "pregnancy safe" medicine would work (it had stopped working when I nursed Axl). But praise Jesus, it did, and it has! He is so faithful and we are very thankful to be this close to welcoming our third child, miss Judah Lou! You've heard it said, "third time's a charm," well that has certainly been the case for me with this third pregnancy. I've felt the best and it has been pretty much complication free, unlike the first two. I have taken blood pressure medicine this go around, but it's safe and has worked great for me. I take a prenatal vitamin every day and 12 juice plus capsules! The juice plus has made all the difference! So thankful for that stuff! :) Like I mentioned, tomorrow I will be 38 weeks and I can't believe it! I told Jared I'm not accustomed to having a normal pregnancy, one that I may actually not have the baby until my due date! I had been on bed rest with Spicer Beth for several weeks (due to preterm labor) and had her at 38 weeks and with Axl my blood pressure shot up and had to deliver him at 37 weeks. This go around everything is looking normal and this gal is so very thankful! The only thing is all the contractions! Wow! There are times I feel like I need an epidural! lol! I'm dilated to 2 and 80 percent effaced. Dr. B says my cervix is very soft. So, hopefully all these early contractions will help when "d-day" arrives! It's so excited wondering when the big day will be. I have to admit, when I start having lots of contractions my mind really wonders if it's "time!" I told Jared my water will probably have to break before I head to the hospital because I won't believe it's really time since I've been having so many early contractions. I know my sweet kiddos are ready to have their "mommy" back. I'm worn out and in pain a lot of the time. I can barely bend over and sweet Spicer helps pick things up for me. She has been such a huge help! She already loves her baby sister so much! I know they will have such a special bond. Axl Joe has been super clinging lately. I love the extra cuddle time with my boy and I'm soaking it up! He loves to blow on my belly and say "baby." I can't wait to see how he'll be with her. I'm sure a little sweet and a little ornery if I know my boy. ;) Life will be so different with 3, but oh so great! I pray the transition is smooth and easy for the entire family. And I look forward to being the mommy of 3 and having energy to be the best I can be for God, the kiddos and Jared. P.S. Jared says he thinks this is the biggest my belly has ever been (I've gained 35lbs. whew!)#crossfitiscallingmyname! He better watch it! lol! Thank you Jesus for the blessing of family! We pray we will honor you in all we do!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

36 weeks!

I'm 36 weeks and doing great! I had a good check up this week with dr b. I've gained about 35 lbs and my blood pressure is doing good and holding steady. PTL! I've also already started dilating and effacing. Dilated to almost 2 and thinned 50%. Yay! :) It feels good to be making progress because I've been having some pretty good contractions. We are looking forward to meeting our little girl. We've finished up some last minute projects so that feels good. Thank you Jesus for the blessing of children. We sure do cherish each moment!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

35 weeks!

Miss Judah Lou is 35 weeks tomorrow! I'm feeling pretty good, ptl! I've gained around 33 lbs and hoping to not gain much more. Lol! God is good and I'm very thankful!