My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Judah Lou is Three! Say What?!?!

As sure as the setting sun my little babe turned three last month. This mama is officially out of baby stage. (tear)It is a little sad and a lot of happy! I do miss my kiddos being babies, but we sure are enjoying this new life stage we are entering. Our little doll baby, Judah Lou is such a blessing to our family! Happy Belated Birthday to her. We celebrated with a small party at Chuck E. Cheese's. She loves that place so much. Judah has been a joy from day one. She lights up the room wherever she is. She's the perfect mix of spunk and sweetness. I call her missy prissy often. She loves her big sister and big brother but she also loves to boss them around. hehe. ;) She loves her mommy and daddy and tells us we are her best friends but she also loves to scream at us and boss us around. hehe. ;) Needless to say, she thinks she's the boss of this family. lol! She's learning. ;) Judah continues to be my little song bird. She loves to sing! She sings songs she knows and made up songs. I love this about her. She will start preschool this fall and she's very excited about it! All my kiddos have gone to preschool even though we homeschool. I think preschool is so great for them to gain much needed social/play skills i.e. the world doesn't revolve around me I need to share my toys type skills! ha! We love you sooooo much our little doll baby (you'll always be my doll baby no matter how old you are)! Thank you Jesus for the blessing of Judah Lou!


It's been a few months since I last posted. Life sure gets away from me quick these days! Our three kiddos keep us busy plus it's been Jared's super busy time of year with his job. We recently had family pictures taken so I thought I'd post a few. The kiddos are age 7, 3 and 4 (axl almost 5!). I'm so blessed to be Jared's wifey and my kiddos mommy! Thank you Jesus for this little flock of mine. :)