My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Anything and everything that has happened in the past happened "yesterday" to Spicer! She has talked about stuff from six months ago using "yesterday!" haha! We love it!

She also really likes to know everything we are saying when Jared and I are in a conversation. She'll say, "Talk to me!" She also says this when she wants me to tell her something. She really likes to have conversations with us! Love this too!

Lately, just about every day, she kisses my belly and tells Axl she loves him! This just melts my heart! Yesterday I made a couple of burp cloths for him and she got so excited because she remembered us picking out the fabric together. She said, "Oh, that's for baby Axl! yay!" I love how excited she is to have a baby brother!

There are days when Spicer Beth absolutely wears me out between running around and discipline but I wouldn't trade it for the world. God has blessed us with a very healthy, happy and energetic two year old who is full of love and life and we are very very thankful. We cherish every day and every moment with her. We love being her parents! God is so good!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend!

I'm so grateful that I serve a risen Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you Jesus!

Our little family had a great weekend celebrating Easter! On Friday afternoon Spicer and I went shopping with aunt Mindy or Minnie as SB calls her. We had a great time! Spicer and I shared an Easter Bunny cookie from the cookie company! Man, those cookies are the best ever!
SB loves to lick the icing!

On Saturday, even though it was rainy, we headed to our church's egg hunt! Spicer had a great time running to hunt some eggs and playing on all the bounce around stuff! That evening we went to my family's house for an egg hunt and dinner. SB had a super great time there! Every time she found an egg she hit it on a table 2 times to crack it open! ha! The food was yummy too! Mom grilled burgers and my meme made some of her homemade dressing. I haven't had that in ages! Good times for this pregnant lady! haha!

cracking her eggs... ha!

SB opening her Easter bag from Nanny and Papa! She sure does love them!

On Sunday we gave Spicer some easter gifts from us, ate breakfast and headed to our awesome church to worship our risen Savior! After church we went to Jared's grandma's house for lunch and an egg hunt. What an awesome day! Praise be to God!
Spicer Beth with some of her Easter goodies... ha!

SB in her little Easter outfit. My friend Olivia made the dress and my friend Sarah made her bows! So cute!

Family picture! Love them sooo much!

love this little easter bunny...

Jared's family

Hello Handsome! I just love Jared in a tie! :)

heading out for her egg hunt...

posing with her basket for momma! :)

Hope you and your family had a great Easter as well! God is good!

Spicer and Daddy

Last week Jared's lawn and landscape company planted flowers for several of their customers. Spicer and I decided to stop by a bank so she could help out with a few! SB actually caught on really fast and did a great job for a 2 year old. She loved it and Jared did too! We'll have to plant some flowers at our house soon!

Jared loves to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I mean, loves them! This past week SB has joined him in this love for a good pb&j! ha! I think they ate a pb&j almost every night before bed last week! So precious! Spicer adores her daddy and he adores her!

Even though Jared was super busy last week he made time for his little princess, even if it meant her cleaning out the gutters with him! lol! She loved climbing the ladder and helping! Anything with daddy! She was sad when she had to stop. Jared could have easily said he was doing it himself to get it done faster, but he didn't. He always takes extra time out for his daughter, no matter what! He's the best! I just love that man more and more every single day! He's such a great daddy and husband even when his schedule is super busy!


Jared's grandma celebrated her 85th birthday last Sunday! She is such a godly woman and it has been an honor and privilege for me to get to know her these past 6 years. She is such a blessing to our entire family! We just love being around her! :)

To celebrate, we went to church with her and then spent the day at her house. We ate lunch and had cake, napped and enjoyed the nice spring weather outside. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful woman! God is good!

24 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights----

How Far Along: 24 Weeks
Size of baby: I'm guessing around a pound and a half and 12 inches long (haven't read my weekly update yet!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 7 lbs.-- When I was getting ready for church on Sunday I told Jared I feel huge (belly and boobs) and he said well you are! but you are beautiful! Haha! I'm so glad he tells me the truth! :)
Maternity Clothes: Oh YES! But I'm still wearing some regular clothes w/ a beband.
Gender: Boy... Axl Joe Steven Fowler :)
Movement: Jared was able to feel him again on Saturday afternoon. He loves feeling that little guy move around and I do too! Such a miracle!
What I miss: Turbo Kick and my morning cup of joe.... I had some coffee the other day and it kinda made me jittery. I'm drinking a cup now but think I'll just drink half. I just love it too much to give it up completely! And I know a little doesn't hurt!
Cravings: Still kinda craving sushi... might have to get me some california rolls and shrimp tempora sometime this week! (don't worry, that's all cooked!)
Symptoms: lower back cramps, pressure, growing boobs and belly, and fatigue (guess this little symptom has decided to stick around for the duration)
Best Moment this week: Spicer kissing my belly and telling Axl Happy Easter! She's such a sweetie pie! :)

Finally! a picture! Jared snapped this for me at his grandma's house yesterday! The belly is a growin'!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

23 1/2 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights----

How Far Along: 23 1/2 Weeks
Size of baby: a little over a pound and about 11 inches long
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Around 7 lbs.--- Dr. Bell said my weight chart looks almost identical to when I was pregnant with Spicer. I think he kinda got a kick out of it! ha!
Maternity Clothes: Oh YES! But I'm still wearing some regular clothes w/ a beband.
Gender: Boy... Axl Joe Steven Fowler :)
Movement: Some days he's a lot more busy than others, like today! I wonder what he's up to in there?!
What I miss: Turbo Kick and my morning cup of joe.... I think i might have to get a cup of coffee soon! I miss that stuff!
Cravings: I guess coffee and I've kinda been wanting some sushi but i've tried not to think about it.
Symptoms: lower back cramps, pressure, growing boobs and belly, and fatigue (guess this little symptom has decided to stick around for the duration)
Best Moment this week: Having my monthly check-up. I just love getting to hear Axl's heartbeat! It was 144 bpm this week. Dr. Bell acted like he was talking to Axl through the heart thingy(? pregnancy brain) SB thought that was neat! He's such a good doctor! Spicer is so excited to be a big sister and already loves her baby brother! I'm so very thankful! Dr. Bell says Axl is doing great! Praise the Lord! :)

So... I'm not so good at taking weekly pregnancy pictures! Maybe on Easter I can snap one for next week!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

ready to get my craft on!

So now that I'm feeling better I've been wanting to get after some crafts! Last week I made a wipee case cover for my friend Jess for her baby shower. I thought it turned out super cute and I had so much fun making it! I really like making those because they are really simple, my kind of craft project! ha!

Now I want to make a spring/summer wreath and pillows for my front porch furniture (which I bought at a garage sale for 40 bucks! whoo woo!). Jared got me an awesome sewing machine for Christmas and I haven't used it one single time. I think it's time to whip that baby out and see what I can do! Lord please help me not break the thing! lol! :)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Worn the flip out!

I don't know if it's being pregnant, having a 2 year old running around, Jared working late or a combination of the three but man, am I worn the flip out!

The nausea is much better (it has snuck back around a little) thank goodness but it seems that I just can't get anything accomplished. I'm super pumped if I can get a load of laundry folded and put away and dinner cooked. I mean my goodness! That doesn't take much, now does it?! Well... it does these days for this pregnant gal! There are so many things I have on my mental list to get done before baby arrives i.e. clean out closets, cabinets, clean base boards and shampoo carpet. I don't really see all this happening when i'm struggling to get the laundry done! lol!

I know here in a couple of weeks I'll get used to Jared's new schedule and hopefully that will help. But for now, I'm just so flippin tired! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This and that...

Last Thursday I was feeling pretty good and had some energy so I decided to dust and vacuum the living room. Each time I finish vacuuming Spicer has to have her turn at it! :) I got such a kick out of her this particular time because she was wearing her high heal princess shoes! ha! :)

After we got a "little" (or a lot for me!) cleaning done, my sweet meme stopped by for a visit. SB absolutely loves meme! She asked me if she was going to bring her some pie because meme always gives us pie! Spicer said I love meme and I love pie! lol!

On Saturday we headed to Tulsa for a baby shower. After the shower we ate some dinner at Abuelos, one of our favs. While we were eating, Jared said, "Do you just want to stay the night?" Of couse! So after dinner we headed on over to the Renaissance Hotel and got a room. We didn't have anything packed so we headed to good ole Target to get some necessary items. Fun and spontaneous! Love it!
I'm telling you, we ate the biggest and best breakfast ever at the hotel Sunday morning! I just ate... and ate... and ate some more! ha! It was soooo yummy! After breakfast we went to the workout room. Jared did some cardio and stretching, SB definitely got some cardio in and me, well, I sat on a the bench! lol! I so miss working out but just can't get back in the groove with my belly getting so big. ha! We got some swimming in and enjoyed sitting on our balcony after that. After we left the hotel we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, Old Navy for some shopping and Mathis Brothers (Love that place). We had the best time and the best part was I didn't have to pack (or unpack) a thing! :)

On our way home from Tulsa we stopped by the storage buildings to see the progress. I must say, I'm super excited for Jared! His shop is going to be so awesome! He's waited a long time for it! While we were there Spicer thought she'd tell us about the project! Cracked us up!

Here are some pictures of miss priss playing outside... She loves putting her "baseball" gear on and mowing the yard! ha! :)

I'm one very thankful wife and mother! I'm thankful for precious times with my family and I'm thankful that I'm feeling much better! It makes those precious times even better! God is good! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

22 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights----

How Far Along: 22 Weeks
Size of baby: 1 pound 11 inches
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Around 6 lbs.--- I knew it would start catching up with me! ha!
Maternity Clothes: Oh YES! But I'm still wearing some regular clothes w/ a beband.
Gender: Boy... Axl Joe Steven Fowler :)
Movement: I'm kinda sorta beginning to figure out his moving patterns on some days, other days, not so much!
What I miss: Turbo Kick and having energy to get things accomplished
Cravings: Didn't really have any cravings this week but sure ate an enormous breakfast on Sunday!
Symptoms: fatigue and pressure but both of these are getting better, a growing belly, and tenderness in my abdominal area. Also, I've waited so long to be able to say this... drum roll please.... My morning sickness finally vacated the premises! PTL! I've felt great for 7 days in a row now! God is good! Being nausea free makes such a big difference in my daily life!
Best Moment this week: Jared feeling Axl kick him! love it! :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

around here...

Jared recently began adding on to his self-storage facilities. I think this has got to be one of his favorite things! He loves everything about putting up a building! Everyday he loves to stop by Triple R and see the progress. It is so important to him that I'm excited too! So I'm really trying to stay involved with it! ha! He's just so awesome! I love seeing him so excited about something! I took Spicer over there one day and she had a hay day playing in the gravel and dirt!

We have finally got around to going back to the library for tot time! Last Tuesday Spicer loved choosing new books. She loves to pretend like she is reading them. She lets me read her a few, but for the most part she wants to do it herself! I'm so glad she loves books!

I snapped this picture of SB before church Sunday! Cutie pie! She always gets so excited about going to church! and I love it!

Spicer is really going through a stage right now where she asks "Huh?" all the time! Lord give me patience! ha! It amazes me that I can have real conversations with her now! She can reason and rationalize and this just blows me away! Her favorite thing to talk about is her baby brother Axl! :) She also really loves talking to daddy when he comes home from work! He loves it when she says, "Daddy, what you doodin?"

Monday, April 04, 2011

21 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights----

How Far Along: 21 Weeks
Size of baby: He's about 13 inches long and 3/4 of a pound.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think I've gained around 3 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Oh YES! But I'm still wearing regular clothes as well.
Gender: Boy... Axl Joe Steven Fowler
Movement: The kicks and punches are getting much stronger these days!
What I miss: Turbo Kick, having energy to get things accomplished and being nausea free...
Cravings: Pasta Salad... man i love that stuff!
Symptoms: morning sickness, fatigue, pressure, and a growing belly
Best Moment this week: Seeing Spicer get so excited to be a big sister! She really is excited and talks about Axl all the time! :)

*I had a picture this week but my iphoto program isn't cooperating with me! :)