My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This and that...

Last Thursday I was feeling pretty good and had some energy so I decided to dust and vacuum the living room. Each time I finish vacuuming Spicer has to have her turn at it! :) I got such a kick out of her this particular time because she was wearing her high heal princess shoes! ha! :)

After we got a "little" (or a lot for me!) cleaning done, my sweet meme stopped by for a visit. SB absolutely loves meme! She asked me if she was going to bring her some pie because meme always gives us pie! Spicer said I love meme and I love pie! lol!

On Saturday we headed to Tulsa for a baby shower. After the shower we ate some dinner at Abuelos, one of our favs. While we were eating, Jared said, "Do you just want to stay the night?" Of couse! So after dinner we headed on over to the Renaissance Hotel and got a room. We didn't have anything packed so we headed to good ole Target to get some necessary items. Fun and spontaneous! Love it!
I'm telling you, we ate the biggest and best breakfast ever at the hotel Sunday morning! I just ate... and ate... and ate some more! ha! It was soooo yummy! After breakfast we went to the workout room. Jared did some cardio and stretching, SB definitely got some cardio in and me, well, I sat on a the bench! lol! I so miss working out but just can't get back in the groove with my belly getting so big. ha! We got some swimming in and enjoyed sitting on our balcony after that. After we left the hotel we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, Old Navy for some shopping and Mathis Brothers (Love that place). We had the best time and the best part was I didn't have to pack (or unpack) a thing! :)

On our way home from Tulsa we stopped by the storage buildings to see the progress. I must say, I'm super excited for Jared! His shop is going to be so awesome! He's waited a long time for it! While we were there Spicer thought she'd tell us about the project! Cracked us up!

Here are some pictures of miss priss playing outside... She loves putting her "baseball" gear on and mowing the yard! ha! :)

I'm one very thankful wife and mother! I'm thankful for precious times with my family and I'm thankful that I'm feeling much better! It makes those precious times even better! God is good! :)

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  1. The first picture reminds me of my girls since they do the same exact thing! They help me vacumm while wearing their princess high heel shoes-lol!

    It sounds like you guys had an amazing spontaneous weekend! How fun!