My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Monday, April 30, 2012

here and there...

We've been so busy lately. Sometimes i seriously do not know if I'm coming or going. Ha! Spring is always busy for the Fowlers but especially now that we've got two precious little ones! It's been about a month since i last blogged so i'm just going to try and say a little bit about the pictures and move on. I'll be posting about my little man turning 9 months old tomorrow after his check up. Want to be able to put his height and weight in... He's a big boy! Jared always tries to find some time for his kiddos, even when he's super busy. He took SB fishing a few weeks ago and she caught her first fish! She wasn't too impressed by it, but golly we sure were!
And my oh my is this little guy getting big or what? Such a sweet little momma's boy!
We had to take him to Children's Hospital during the middle of the month. He had to have a CT scan of the bump on his forehead. The doctor said the CT scan shows it to be a cyst but he's not completely sure. He thinks it may still be a hemangioma under the skin (since axl has so many of those elsewhere). Anyway, PTL for a good report and either way they don't plan to operate any time soon. Took this picture while we were waiting to see the doctor after the CT scan. He's sticking out his tongue at the CT scan... Did. NOT. Like. it!
I rarely take both kids with me to the grocery store, so this occasion was an exception. It was neat to put both of them in the shopping cart together. Sometimes I just can't believe I have two happy healthy kiddos! They are both little blessings and we praise God for them each day!
SB and piggie! Yes, piggie is a pink teddy bear! lol! She wanted me to take a picture of her with piggie at the bar. Love it! She loves her piggie! :)
Even during the busy times of life I'm thakful for the busyness! Thankful for the blessings the Lord has given me that make me one very busy wife and mommy! God is good!

Monday, April 02, 2012

8 months!

This little guy...

turned 8 months old last week (3-26-12)! My goodness!

Height: Not sure, check up next month
Weight: i'm guessing around 22 lbs, he's one heavy little guy!
Food: anything and everything baby food wise and formula of course-- he loves his bottle! We do not feed him table food yet (with the exception of mashed potatoes). I waited until spicer was a year for that so we'll do the same for him. He did try some vanilla yogurt from goodies this week and of course loved that!
Sleep: He is sleeping MUCH better these days! PTL! For a few weeks he's been going to sleep in his bed around 8 or 8:30, and sleeps a couple of hours there. Then, when he wakes, I just put him in bed with me and SB and he sleeps like a "baby" with us for the remainder of the night. But, last night he slept the entire night in his bed! He woke at 5:30 so i thought he wanted to get in bed with us but he started crying when I put him up there, so gave him a bottle and he went back to sleep in his bed until around 8! WOWZERS! I sure hope this is what he's planning to do from now on, but if not, that's fine. I really don't mind him sleeping with me. He is so big I know i won't roll over on him and he doesn't move around much so he really doesn't affect my sleep. Now, him crying all night and waking several times when he's in his bed does affect my sleep, lol! So, I guess, for the past few weeks he's been sleeping around 10-11 hours each night. PTL!
Clothes: 9-12 months (mainly 12 months though) size 5 shoes and he wears size 4 diapers
New stuff: CRAWLING! He started crawling 5 days after he turned 8 months old! He'd been getting into crawling position the entire month and just couldn't figure out how to go forward. he would go backward a bit and get to what he wanted somehow and then get so very frustrated. I'm so glad he has started crawling (never thought i'd say that, ha) because i felt so bad for his frustration and he just wanted me to carry him around all the time. lol! This morning when i brought him into the living room he actually wanted me to put him down! He's ready to go now! he can also get into the sitting position from the crawling position to and it seems like he's trying to stand up on his own, but can't do that just yet. He does pull up on some things but hasn't started walking around furniture just yet. I've got a feeling i'm going to be one very busy mommy for the next few months! but i love it! He also started babbling some this month. He hasn't been much of a talker to this point, just a squealer! ha!
Favorites: His favorite thing to do his walk around while holding your hands. But i've got a feeling, now that he's crawling, he'll really like that too! He loves being outside and swinging in his new swing by big sister! He loves riding on our razor. We took him on it last night for the first time and he almost fell asleep. Guess I know what to do if I can't get him settled! He is a momma's boy! and I love that! But as soon as daddy gets home he gets more excited than anything! Loves his daddy! He started saying da-da-da this month, but not necessarily to Jared. It's so sweet seeing how excited he gets to see daddy! Of course he still loves big sister! They are playing so well together! I just love watching them play! Just precious!

Mommy and Daddy Praise the Lord for you sweet Axl Joe (a.k.a. brother)!

*Toward the middle of the month he goes to Children's for a CT scan of the bump on his forehead. Hopefully it's just a hemangioma under the skin and not a cyst. If it is a cyst they will need to remove it via surgery. ugh. He will need to be sedated for the CT scan and I'm not looking forward to that. God's got it though.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

a little t-ball action

well... there is a mound of laundry calling my name and a house that needs some TLC but I know all that will be there when i get finished blogging. right?! If I don't blog now, who knows when I'll get the chance again and I have lots of important stuff to blog about, stuff that I don't want to forget. So, for now, the laundry and cleaning can wait and I'll take the time to write down these precious memories of my precious family.

This little sweetie...

... started t-ball this week! What in the World? Is she really old enough for that? It seems like just yesterday that I was learning how to be a mommy to her for first time. :,(

She is absolutely loving it! Her first practice was so cute. She was the first player to practice batting. She hit it to the pitcher almost every time. When it was time to practice hitting and then running to first base she hit the ball, ran and got the ball, and brought it back to the tee! lol! lol! so, so cute! SB was very attentive to her coaches instructions and is catching on quickly to the game. We are very proud of her! Can't wait to watch her out there in her little uniform playing in the game! Jared and I both grew up at the ball field so we're loving it too! :)

btw I think little brother likes sissy playing t-ball too! here he is hanging out at her second practice. he loves being outside! (he turned 8 months old and started crawling this week, but i'll save that for another post!)