My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Boy!

Axl Joe Steven is 22 months old! He is one busy little guy and I love it! He's kept his pregnant mommy hoppin' the past few months! ha! He is so full of love and life. He loves to play outside and he loves playing in the water. His absolute favorite food is sushi (hollywood rolls from Fuji). He enjoys snacking on yogurt, cuties, graham crackers and gummies. His favorite vegetable is broccoli. Axl has finally began to enjoy watching some t.v. Currently he wants to watch the movie "The Incredibles" any time the t.v. is on. This can pose a problem with big sister. If the movie isn't on he usually goes and turns the t.v. off or grabs the remote and says "bul-bul" for incredibles. lol! I've enjoyed sitting and cuddling with him during these movie times. I've been worn out lately so I'm glad when he wants to sit and watch t.v. :) He and big sister play so well together (for the most part). He's discovered how to let her know if he's not liking something though! ha! He goes into attack mode. Usually it's when she's trying to mother him and he's not wanting her mothering! They love playing chase around the house and outside. They also really enjoy wrestling and playing upstairs in the playroom. When outside, Axl likes to pretend he's mowing, weed eating or blowing off the porch just like daddy. He has a push mower, a weed eater and a blower. It's so cute! He'll say, "daddy mow." He is beginning to say more words or trying to say them. Sometimes he'll really try to tell us something in gibberish and he has the deepest cutest little voice. Axl Joe is all boy! Rough and Tough! But he also has a sensitive side. If he gets startled or scared he will grab his chest and run to his momma. He'll say, "me." It's so sweet. At meal time he puts his hands together and bows his head to pray. At the end of each prayer he always claps. :) He is such a special little guy and I'm so thankful God chose me to be his mommy! Love you bunches my little Axl!

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