My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We have had a full Wednesday at home today. I love days at home more and more as life goes on. I cherish the time with my little ones at home. They seem to be getting so big and I just want to soak in our days! I'm told I will blink and they will graduate from high school. I believe it!! Time marches on and I intend to make the most of it.
We started the day with some shaving cream fun! It was intended to be a letter/number practice activity. Well, it turned into a full on shaving cream fight! lol! We had shaving cream all over the kitchen, dining and living room. We ended that activity with a quick shower. ha!
Big sister began violin lessons yesterday so we had to practice this morning. She is enjoying it so far and little brother is too! ;)
We finished our morning with some painting fun! Notice how nice and neat my first born's painting is. Now notice the mess the second and third born made. haha! Most of their painting is on their bodies. Judah started it! lol. ;) I'm so thankful for days at home. We look forward to trying out homeschooling again starting in August! I'm so glad God has given me a heart for my home and family. These are the days folks. Soak them in and make the most of them! BIG love- Kerri

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