My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Wrapping up Summer!

We sure do love summertime around here! This past week we went to the local waterpark, (I didn't get a pic) with family and friends on Monday. On Tuesday Mommy chopped seven inches off her hair! (I was ready for a change and I'm loving it!) On Wednesday we headed up the hill to the AMAZEUM. It didn't disappoint! I've got a feeling we will visit it often. The kids had an absolute blast! Friday, we got together with our fellow hometown homeschool group. We are so excited to get connected with other families in our town who are homeschooling this year. There are six families total! Six! I'm amazed at God's goodness in bringing us together. Wow! We have one week left of summer and then we begin homeschooling. But, lets be honest, when you homeschool does summer break really have to end?! ;) We look forward to it!

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  1. Your hair is still VERY long! Compared to mine. :>) So happy you are posting on your blog again. Your kiddos are growing up do fast....They are such beautiful children. Even Axle. He is too beautiful to be a boy! He will be a heart breaker....*<};>)