My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wild Wilderness Safari

Last Friday we headed up the hill to the Wild Wilderness Safari in Gentry. Spicer absolutely loves that place! Our most memorable moment of the day was when we were driving through the Safari. Along the way we encountered some Emu's. Man are those gigantic birds weird looking or what? They have bright orange eyes and they walk right up to your car window. Before we had encountered these "creatures" I asked Jared to put my window on lock so Spicer couldn't roll down the window. Well, little did I know he had unlocked it because he couldn't even roll his window down. Low and behold an Emu is headed straight toward our window and the window is rolling down!!! Yikes! I was yelling for Jared to roll it up and all the while Spicer was rolling it down! Literally that thing almost got its head inside our vehicle! Craziness! Jared said that Spicer turned bright red! From that point forward she didn't want those things getting anywhere near us! And quite frankly, I didn't either! ha! We got a good laugh out of it after the fact! :)

These goats were seriously after Jared! He had two bags of bread and that's exactly what they wanted! I was laughing my head off! He eventually had to hide the bread so he could actually enjoy petting them. :)

This baby goat is only four hours old in this picture. I couldn't believe they didn't have it in a special place. He was just right out there in the petting zoo area. Soooo cute!

Don't you just love my Dora backpack?! It's the new hottest thing! lol!

Daddy with his princess! These two are inseparable!

What a blessed great day! Praise be to God!

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