My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Miss Patty Cake!

Last Friday we took Spicer to see Miss Patty Cake! And oh my goodness, the kid loved her! She danced and clapped the entire time. One of her little buddies from church was there and they had a blast doing all that together! It was so cute! Jared told me one time he almost got choked up watching her because she's just growing up so fast. She went out in the isle all by herself with the other kids. I think this got Jared the most. He couldn't believe she's big enough to do that. He said, "She was just born!" It's crazy how fast it happens, but they definitely grow up! :)

After it was over we waited in line to see Miss Patty Cake. Spicer Beth could not wait to meet her. I was so surprised by this. Sometimes she can be a little timid around strangers, but not Miss Patty Cake. When it was her turn to meet her, she marched right up there, sat in her lap and smiled the biggest smile! Miss Patty Cake talked to her and told us how she'd watched her dancing in the audience. Spicer just couldn't get enough of this lady! Miss Patty Cake just has such a sweet spirit about her and I think the kids pick up on that. She was very warm and welcoming. SB cried when she had to let the next person have their turn. She did not want to leave!

We of course couldn't get out of there without a few dvd's, a Miss Patty Cake doll and shirt! Spicer has the shirt on today and pretty much wore it all weekend. lol! You know how she is with her shirts! ha! and guess what color she chose, lime green! I guess that's still her favorite!

Jared and I love doing stuff with her that she enjoys. We left that night so excited talking about what fun thing we would do next! We just love seeing her get excited about things, especially good things like Miss Patty Cake! God is good and we cherish these awesome family times!

Watching Miss Patty Cake from her chair.

Sitting and listening for a brief moment!

Dancing her little heart out!

SB with her new bff Miss Patty Cake! :)

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