My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

19 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights----

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of baby: He weighs about 11 oz. and is 13.3 cm long (I was 19 weeks 2 days at our ultrasound this week and he was measuring at 20 weeks along)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm not sure! lol! At my doctor's visit this week they said I hadn't gained any but I'm definitely back to my starting weight. I thought I was 5lbs past my starting weight, so who knows! ha!
Maternity Clothes: Oh YES!
Gender: We found out this week that we are expecting a little boy! yay! We are sooo excited! His name is Axl Joe Steven Fowler! Joe is my dad's middle name and Steven is Jared's middle name. Jared's dad's name was Steve. So Axl's middle name covers everyone! :)
Movement: Axl is a little mover! The Ultrasound tech just kept talking about how much he likes to move!
Sleep: I sleep great!
What I miss: having energy to get things done and being nausea free! I so look forward to that again someday! lol!
Cravings: I didn't really have any special cravings this week
Symptoms: morning sickness, fatigue, tons of pressure
Best Moment this week: Getting to see our healthy little baby via Ultrasound! and of course finding out we are expecting a boy! We are overjoyed with this news! I secretly was hoping for a boy! :)

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