My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A princess turns 3!

Well... it happened... my sweet little princess turned 3 years old yesterday! It seems almost impossible that we have had 3 blessed years with this precious child! I look at Axl and think "wow, just the other day Spicer was that size!"

Spicer is all about the disney princesses. So, this year she had a princess themed birthday party at the Adventure Zone. This was her first "big" birthday party. She invited all her sweet friends and family. She had an absolute blast! :) Yesterday, on her actual birthday we had dinner and cupcakes and daddy and I gave her presents to her from us. She just gets so very excited about everything! We just love seeing the joy on her face when she opens a present or gets excited about seeing someone or doing something.

Some things to remember about Spicer at age 3:

She loves bedtime stories. She always wants you to make the story up and say, "all of the sudden!" She wants daddy to tell her scary monster stories (i know, right?!) and mommy to tell her princess stories. She sleeps in bed with me so we tell stories and talk every night until we fall asleep! I absolutely love it and cherish this precious time in her life! Each night when we pray she tells me something to pray for or she will pray for it. Lately she has wanted to pray for Madison and Natalie. When she prays she always thanks God for her family. So sweet! I love hearing her pray to Jesus! It's the best thing ever! She calls her preschool, "preschool baptist." She calls flame gymnastics, "gymnastics arkansas." She can tell you where she lives and when her birthday is. She knows her ABC's and 123's. Ha! She can recognize most letters and numbers but we're still working on that. She is a devoted friend! She has her best friends and let me tell you she absolutely loves them! She loves her brother dearly. She loves going to church, preschool, cubbies and choir. She is one excited kiddo! She loves "roughin" with daddy and older boys! haha! Her favorite things to play are: dress up, hospital (have a baby), house, and anything outside. I could just go on and on about her awesome personality!

Momma and daddy love you so so much sweet Spicer! God has taught us so much through you and we are very thankful! :) You're the best!

last year...

and this year... big girl!

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