My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Friday, December 23, 2011

hospital gown...

Oh Spicer Beth! This kid seriously cracks me up! Lately she has really been pretending a LOT! Her absolute favorite thing to pretend is "house!" Just about every time she plays "house" she is pregnant or "pregant" as she says. lol! She is the mommy, there is a big sister and she's going to have a baby at the hospital. (you know just like mommy did recently! ha! she's played this since then) When daddy plays he's her husband! I love it! Jared and I are always getting a kick out of it! We love listening to her "pretend." It's the best thing ever! Yesterday, during her pretend time she got the idea to make a hospital gown with a blanket and ponytail holder. She knew exactly what to do just asked me to help her make it a success! Naturally, I had to snap a picture of it! In this picture she has her piggy (which by the way is her favorite stuffed animal that she has recently been inseparable from!) in her belly! She always has something in her belly when she is "pregant!" Love her!!

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