My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

10 months!

Height: N/A Weight: 23 lbs 7 ounces (big ol' boy!) Food: Lots of formula and not much else other than snacks. We've kinda been in a funk lately with baby food. He's really ready for table food but doesn't have teeth yet. I've been letting him try and "gum" some and he likes that! ha! of course he's still loving his snacks! :) Sleep: Oh my! it's been a little wild lately. he's been sick and teething so, ya know. waking a lot at night. Last night was a little better. Hopefully those teeth will start showing soon! He just wakes up screaming with pain. It's awful. i feel so bad for the little guy. Clothes: 12 months and some 18 months. I think he wears a size 5 shoe. he wears size 4 diaper. New stuff: This little guy is on the verge of walking! yay! He has started standing on his own for longer periods of time. Yesterday, I'm pretty sure he was contemplating taking a step! ha! the boy is ever-y-where! Can't contain him! We put his new forward facing carseat in the car yesterday. (tear) can't believe it. He's growing up way, way too fast. Favorites: He's loving swimming this summer! he loves his little car that we push him around in (thanks miss Erin!) He loves sticks! oh and he loves the vacuum cleaner! lol! Think he will be mommy's little helper in a couple of years! ha! Axl JoJo you are such a bright spot in our lives! You are the happiest little thing and a dog gone cute little guy! You are extremely friendly. You will pretty much let anyone hold you! You are such a flirt with the ladies! If someone isn't looking at you and you want them to you will stare them down and even start "talking" to them until they give you attention! lol! This really makes me and daddy laugh! We love you our sweet son! God is good!

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