My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Monday, July 02, 2012


This is a long one... Wow! Did June fly by or what?! I've decided that it for sure is one of my favorite months of the year! Not too hot but hot enough to swim and full of fun summer time activities! love it! Man, was our June cram-packed! We kicked it off with VBS at church. It was such a joy to take "both" my kiddos with me this year! I love working at VBS. This year I was able to teach scripture to the kiddos! such a blessing seeing the kids learn God's word. And they learn sooooo fast!
June was a month of mini-vacations for us. We went to Mt. Magazine, OKC and Branson! Three of our very favorite places! Actually, I think we hit up Mt. Magazine twice recently... at the end of May and then again on Father's day weekend. It's so close to us so it's such an easy get-away! When at Mt. Magazine we pretty much chill, swim and eat! In OKC we visited with our sweet friends, hit up white water bay, went to the zoo, took a carriage ride, stayed at a super sweet hotel (for half price!) and ate some amazingly yummy food! One the carriage ride our driver told us our hotel was supposedly haunted, Freaked me out! Jared loves that kind of stuff doesn't bother him a bit, not me! I kept thinking some weird lady was going to look at me in the mirror like people had said. I know, i'm so silly that stuff just really bothers me. Jared got a kick out of that though! I honestly was ready to pack our bags and get another hotel (of course, i didn't tell jared that). I just prayed through it! You know, we all have our weaknesses and stuff like that is mine for some reason. Anyway, it was nonetheless a wonderful trip! Our last little vacation of the month took us to Branson for a some work/play. I attended a Juice Plus Bootcamp which I recently began distributing (I'm loving this by the way). Jared ended up hanging out with the kids most of the day Saturday while I got educated. Saturday evening we went to the Landing. Always fun! and then Sunday we went to White Water! Our family LOVES waterparks! After the waterpark we ended up riding some little rides on the strip with SB and then Jared and SB rode go-carts together for the first time! They both loved that! They are such big buddies! I love it! What else in June? We celebrated Father's Day! My kids are beyond blessed with an amazing daddy! I mean amazing! Spicer Beth got her ears pierced! We've tried before but didn't work out. This time it has worked out great and she's been super excited about it! She didn't even cry! Tough girl! Spicer Beth and daddy went on their very first date together. Jared brought her flowers home before the big date! They went to Chuck E. Cheeses and to see the movie Brave! I'd say that makes for one awesome date! That girl is going to know how a guy should treat her! She was especially excited because it was her very first time to ride in daddy's truck. We recently got her a car seat that we can move from vehicle to vehicle. ;) And Axl Joe graduated to a forward facing car seat too! Do kids grow up fast or what?! Crazy! We finished the month of June off with Swimming lessons. SB kinda has a love/hate relationship with swimming lessons. Some days she likes it just fine other days she has major melt downs about swimming under water for long periods of time. I'm confident in saying she can now swim across a good size pool under water! It's unbelievable to me! She just has to continue working on her "Big" arms! Axl Joe wasn't slighted, he took lessons too. He only lasted about 25 minutes each day then needed a nap! He went under too! Scared me to death! I actually screamed as the teacher swooped him under water! We love miss Jane though! She's been teaching lessons for years and years so i trust her! Thank You Jesus for these precious times with my sweet family! We don't take a moment for granted!

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