My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Christmas 2012!

Blessed. That pretty much sums up this Christmas! Jared and I are so overjoyed with the blessing of our precious little family. Spicer Beth and Axl Joe and baby #3 are blessings straight from Heaven. They filled this Christmas full of love, laughter and joy. Spicer can tell you the story of baby Jesus without leaving out a single part and Axl Joe, well he just is so funny! Both kiddos keep us laughing! Now that Spicer is getting older and understanding more we are working hard to keep the gifts she receives from mommy and daddy low key. We want to keep the focus on Jesus being the greatest gift of all. She and Axl each had 3 gifts from mommy and daddy just like Jesus received 3 gifts from the wise men. Spicer was all about unwrapping her gifts but Axl could care less! lol! Spicer opened his for him. He was however pretty pumped about his little RZR rtv! (it was too big to wrap). Spicer said the best part about Christmas is baby Jesus! PTL! She is getting it! This year it actually snowed Christmas afternoon! SNOWED!! Unbelievable! A white Christmas! Wow! Of course the kiddos loved that and mommy and daddy did too! Thank you Jesus for the joys of Christmas!
Spicer Beth: Age 4 Axl Joe: Age 17 mths Baby #3: 16 weeks in belly :)

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