My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


My little Spicer Beth sure does love to play 'house.' If we are having a day at home she pretty much plays house off and on all day. ;) Her little imagination amazes me. It's like she is totally in her own little world. For example, the other day I heard her yelling at her kids to get up out of bed. I said, spicer why are you yelling? Mommy doesn't yell at you to wake you up. She said, but mommy, I've been trying to get them to wake up and come down stairs to eat their breakfast for a while now and they just won't get up! Lol! Love her!a Another part of house involves changing her babies and kids clothes. She usually has anywhere from 3-6 kids! She's running a big family! She takes full advantage of having a baby sister by helping herself to any of Judah Lou's outfits for her babies! I absolutely love it! Sometimes axl joins in and he just imitates whatever she does. Or she may make him her husband or one of her kids. :) some of my favorite childhood memories are from times of me and my sister playing "house." So I just absolutely love watching my little girl enjoy it so much! To God be the Glory!

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