My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Oh how I love my three little blessings, Spicer Beth, Axl Joe and Judah Lou! And I love the little bedtime routine our family has settled into. Each night Jared takes care of getting the two big kids their shower/bath. I take care of bathing little miss Judah Lou. Judah Lou goes to bed first. I feed her a couple ounces of formula and while she is still awake lay her in her bed. She safely drifts off to sleep. Then I will do some kitchen clean up and get ready for bed. By this time, Spicer and Axl are ready for their nightly "cuddle time." I absolutely love this! We sit on the couch and watch a show for 5-10 minutes all snuggled together. Lately the show has been "Full House." Axl usually sits on my left and Spicer to my right. They both like for me to have my arm around them. Awh! Melt momma's heart. Daddy usually sits by Axl for a few minutes and Spicer for a few. After our cozy cuddle session we head to bed. Axl likes to turn the t.v. and light off. (He's getting so big!) We head to their room. They get in bed with daddy in between. He reads them a bible story from their bible story book. Prays with them. And then he heads to bed. I then tuck them both in (I usually have to get Axl back in bed a few times ;). Spicer loves to be completely wrapped up in her sheet. She's been really particular about it being over her shoulders! Axl wraps his self up in his "blanket" which I think he's been calling "baby." lol! I then pray with them again (Spicer has to have me pray.) She always wants me to pray for her tummy to feel good (She's had me do this since she had a stomach virus last January, it was pretty rough for her because she's never had one before). And sometimes she asks for me to pray for her to have dreams about her and her friends playing. So, so sweet. I always pray that they will love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and love others as their self. We end our evening with hugs and kisses. I say, "Have a good night-night, I love you." And then they say it back. Spicer always has me say "k" i.e. ok, after she's said "I love you" to me to let her know I heard her. :) The "k" part has been pretty funny at times. Now, Axl thinks you say "k" as part of night-night. He'll say, "k, k, k!" LOL! The boy is hilarious! I absolutely love and cherish these precious times with my 3 little kiddos. They are growing so quickly and I want to cherish every stage of growth. I want to enjoy them and have enjoyed them with each step of life! I don't want to forget these everyday "mundane" things. I will treasure them always! To God be the Glory!

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  1. That's so awesome and precious. Those are the moments that will make your life! Enjoyed reading this!