My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Baby #3!!

Wow! I'm not quite sure if I ever expected to be doing a post about "baby fowler #3!" In the past, I've always had rough, difficult pregnancies with many challenges, nothing too awful, but just enough "hard" to make me rethink another pregnancy. lol! So this for me to be giving pregnancy a "third" go, is totally a God thing! On August 21st we had a consulation with a doctor for permanent contraception, i.e. no more babies for this family. I was totally against it, but Jared felt it was best for my health. Well we made the appointment to have the procedure the following week and left. Deep in my heart I wanted a third child for our precious family. They are such blessings after all. But, at the same time the uncertainties of my health kept us from pushing forward with that. The following day I was kneading some dough and praying. I basically just told the Lord if he wanted us to have another baby that he would just have to make me get pregnant that week! lol! Well... no more than 10 minutes after praying this Jared calls. He said he had been picking weeds (he does lawn maintenance) and praying and really felt like we were supposed to have another baby!!! Wow God! Total confirmation! He said the only reason he hadn't wanted to was because of my health during pregnancy and if Dr. Bell gave us the ok that we would pursue having another child. Awesome! So, I immediately call to get the the doctor's ok. And of course, I got it! PTL! So that was August 22. A little more than a month later, on October 1, we found out we were expecting baby fowler #3! Whew! FAST!!! Oh yeah, rewind a little bit... all summer long Spicer had been telling us that she wanted a baby sister. We would just say, well, that's something you need to talk to Jesus about because we're just not sure about another baby (even though I'd had baby fever since Axl was 6 mths old!). So she did just that, she talked to Jesus about it! So, when we told her we were pregnant, you can only imagine her excitement!!! She jumped up and down, said halleljuah, Axl God answered my prayer! Abundant joy beamed from her! She told me she was going to help me and take care of me. And for days after she would look at me and say, "mommy, you pregnant!" Just to make sure I was still pregnant! What a blessing! I can't tell you how much her excitement about our baby was an enormous blessing to Jared and I! Now, if she can just get that baby sister! lol! We've explained that we don't get to pick, and she says we will love it if it's a boy or a girl! :) So... there you have it! The story of fowler baby #3! It's thanksgiving day and I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant and doing well(other than a sinus inf)! My morning sickness hasn't been near as bad this time, PTL! We saw the baby's heartbeat via ultrasound at 7 weeks and it was 129 bpm. Then, the other day heard it via doppler and it was 171 bpm!!! Pumping strong! Thank you Jesus for the blessing of Children! We praise you for baby #1, #2, and now #3! Blessed and Thankful-- Kerri

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