My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

18 months!

My sweet little man, Axl Joe, turned 18 months old last week! He is such a fun, energetic and ornery little guy. The words "all boy" come to mind when I think of Axl. He absolutely loves playing outside! When he gets to go out (it's been very cold) he just takes off! He likes to swing, ride his horsie, ride the tractor with daddy, run out in the pasture, play in daddy's big trailor, drive his mini razor and do anything big sister is doing! I love watching him play with spicer. For the most part the two of them really get along. They are precious! Of course they have their ornery moments with each other too! Lol! Axl is funny!! One funny thing he does is grunt when he sees something of daddy's or if he's just wanting to do something really boyish! Lol! And oh how the boy loves his daddy! He gets beyond excited when he knows daddy is home from work! I love their relationship! Jared is an amazing daddy! Axl weighs close to 30 pounds and looks pretty muscular for a baby! Lol! Guess he's gonna take after daddy with those muscles! :) We sure do love our Axl Joe and all his excitement and energy! Jared and I are blessed and thankful to be this handsome little guy's mommy and daddy! We love you Axl!

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