My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1 month old!

loving his nap nanny on his 1 month birthday! :)

Yesterday my dear sweet baby boy turned 1 month old! Wow! He sure has been a blessing to our family! He's just such a sweetie pie! He's definitely got his momma wrapped around his little finger! lol! We all adore him, especially miss Spicer Beth. Sometimes she might adore him a little "too much" if you know what I mean! haha! She has adjusted well to having him around. Of course we've had our moments, but all in all it's been such a great transition welcoming Axl to our family!

I had heard from several different people how difficult it was going from one to two kids, but for me it was easier going from one to two than from going from none to one! ha! God truly has blessed this time for us and I'm so very thankful!

Some stats about Axl: I think (not totally sure) he weighs around 8 lbs. I have no idea how long he is! But his arms and legs seem long for him. People say he's going to be tall! (Guess we'll see!) He's rolled over from his belly to his back about 5 times for Jared. He will not roll over for me! Guess he just knows that's what he's supposed to do for daddy! lol! He'll be a great workout partner for Jared some day! He can raise his head about 90 degrees. Still a little wobbly though. Did I mention, his head is perfect! He's just so little and cute! I know, I know... I can't stop doting on him! :) He had a little play date with his friend Charleigh yesterday. She was due about 5 weeks before him but is only 10 days older. She was a week late and he was 3 weeks early. She is such a cutie! and so very sweet! love those little smiles Charleigh! By the way, I'm still waiting for a "real" smile from Axl! he will look at me all day but not give me a single smile. Little Stinker! Axl loves looking around. He also loves looking at the ceiling fan and sticking out his tongue! :) He's not too fond of the swing. He only wants to swing for about 15 minutes and he's through. Just yesterday I started putting him in his nap nanny for nap and he slept there last night and he loves that thing! I'm so glad! He's a big spitter so it makes me feel better having him on an incline while sleeping. Axl is starting to get on a 3 hour eating schedule and after most meals he stays awake. He's getting good at the "eat, wake, sleep" cycle from baby wise. PTL! He'll be sleeping through the night before we know it! Right now he will go 5 hours between feedings at night so this gives me a good 4 hour stretch to sleep at once. It's been great! The boy loves to eat and I'm so glad! Such a great nurser! I haven't pumped one single time since he's been born, compared to constant pumping with SB. God is good! :) Little mister is pure joy and we're a 100% blessed family!

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  1. How much do you adore Baby Wise?! Greatest thing ever! :) Can't wait to see him again - glad he's doing so well!