My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

9 months!

This cutie toot (a.k.a. Jo Jos, Axl Jo, Bubba, Bubbas, the list goes on and on!) turned 9 months old last week!
Height: 28 1/2 inches Weight: 21 lbs 14 ounces Food: lots of it! lol! He tried eggs for the first time today and absolutely was in heaven! ha! He still doesn't have any teeth so I can't give him much table food yet. So for now, he's getting all the "baby food" he wants! He loves gerber snacks too! Puffs and the little gerber cheeto things are his favorite! I mean he gets so excited when I give those to him! Anytime I'm needing to get something done I can just put him in his high chair and give him some snacks and he's good to go! :) Sleep: He sleeps pretty good. Usually ready for bed around 7:30 or 8. Wakes up about 1 time each night and gets in bed with me for a few minutes to sooth back to sleep. Then wakes around 7 each morning. However, some mornings he wakes at 5 and has a difficult time settling back into sleep. This is not fun for momma! Occasionally he will sleep through the night without a peep. Clothes: 9-12 months (mainly 12 months though)and some 18 months size 5 shoes and he wears size 4 diapers New stuff: Oh my goodness! There are so many new things he is doing! Crawling all over the place, pulling up, walking along furniture, saying little things like, "num-num, ma-ma, da-da,". He is full of it! Constantly on the go unless he's eating or sleeping! I love it, but boy does he wear me out! haha! Gonna have to stay in shape to keep up with this little fella! Favorites: Loves taking a bath! He gets so excited when we turn the water on! We've been swimming some this month and he loves that too! Oh, and swinging! It gets his little belly so much! He laughs and then cocks his head to the left when it's getting his belly. He also loves playing with big sister. Lately, they have been playing house and Axl is SB's baby! I love this! So, so sweet! :) You're the best sweet son! God truly has blessed us beyond all measure! :)

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