My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Friday, September 03, 2010

21 Months!

Spicer Beth is now 21 months old. And she is full of it! She is doing and saying so much these days. It's like all the sudden a light bulb went off and she can talk! She is saying an avg. of 5 new words per day and beginning to say more and more sentences. The other day she said, "Daddy I got a pickle." This amazes me! I just love watching her little mind at work.

Things are in full swing around our house. Spicer is going to her mom and tot gymnastics class every week. Which she loves! We've just started going back to "toddler time" at the library. She likes this, but it takes her a few minutes to warm up to her teachers. Then again, it was our first week back since last spring. Tot school is up and going. We've had three sessions this week. I set out to do at least two per week and more if she wanted. So it's nice to know she's enjoying it and wants to do more! And finally, a big milestone. At least for me. Spicer has started going to a "sitter," for a few hours, one day a week- so I can get some things (i.e. cleaning) done! She went this week and loved it! I don't even think she wanted to leave. She loves Miss Debbie! I had looked at doing a MDO one day per week but this option works best for us. It's in town, I don't pay if she doesn't go, plus it's with someone we know. And quite honestly, I just don't think I'm ready for MDO!

So, Spicer's 21st month has been a big one for her so far! It's so much fun watching her grow and develop. I'm very thankful to be her mommy and I love all the fun things we get to do together!

Me and Spicer in the foam pit at gymnastics this week. So much fun! (notice she is wearing her lime green shirt, yep it's still her favorite!)

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  1. Hey Kerri! I just found your blog! Spicer is such a cutie pie! I bet you have so much fun with her! Have a great week!