My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lots, and lots to blog about!

I have so much to blog about but not near enough time this time of year to do it. I've been trying to keep a list of things that are blog worthy so I won't forget when I get some extra time! I write this blog for my family. It's kinda my electronic scrapbook you might say. I've many pictures to upload and many awesome things to write about in the coming weeks. Can't wait for time to do it! For now, I've got to go fold a mound or two of laundry, vacuum, and make a turkey applique shirt for Spicer to wear tomorrow for Thanksgiving! See what I mean, busy, busy... but oh so blessed and thankful! Stay tuned for more about the Fowler family...! :)

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