My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Little miss Spicer Beth has a new little friend named Tammy. Tammy is no ordinary friend. In fact, I'd say she's extraordinary or imaginary! Yes, Spicer has an imaginary friend! We started hearing about Tammy a few months ago via Spicer's gibberish. Each time, Jared and I would look at each other and ask, "Who's Tammy?" We'd agree that Spicer definitely knew who Tammy was and thought that maybe she had met her in a nursery somewhere or something. Recently I kinda started thinking differently about Tammy. Spicer began to talk to her more on her pretend phone and even tell me things about her (in her drawn out gibberish of course). Then, this Sunday she was playing with aunt Lora at Ma's house. I might not get this exactly right, but I think they were reading a story and Spicer brought up Tammy. Lora began to ask her questions about Tammy. Spicer told her that she was over in the corner of the room and that she didn't want to read the stories with them! lol! Yesterday (monday), Spicer and I were playing in her play kitchen. She brought me coffee and then picked up her phone. Next thing I know she's carrying on a full conversation with Tammy. She was talking to Tammy about her baby Jax?. Then she started talking to Tammy about a boy named Guy. She told me that Tammy was playing with her friend Guy. (btw we've heard Guy mentioned before but didn't think much of it. I think Guy might kinda be her imaginary friend, if there is such a thing!) After she got off the phone, lol, she started cooking some corn for Tammy because she was coming over. She then had me physically go to the door and open it to let Tammy in. Of course, I said, "Hi Tammy, nice to meet you." Spicer then motioned her to come in. She showed her our Christmas tree and then took her to her little table were she had her corn on the cob waiting for her, because Tammy likes corn of course! That afternoon Tammy sat on Spicer's lap, they played kitchen and then watched Little Bear together. Later, Spicer informed me that Tammy had gone home!

Oh my goodness! Being a mommy has got to be the absolute best thing in the world! I'm so thankful that I get to experience these precious times with my sweet and imaginative daughter! :) Can't wait for all the imaginary play dates ahead with Tammy (and perhaps "Guy!")

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