My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Friday, November 12, 2010

teacock! (a.k.a. talking bird)

Spicer is not scared of much, especially when it comes to animals. Birds that talk however, are another story! Here's a little background... when Spicer was about 10 months old we went to the Wild Wilderness Safari Drive through in Gentry. She loved everything. Petted everything she could. Except for the peacocks! She did not want anything to do with them. Well, the hatred of peacocks began to spill over into birds, especially ones that talk! My sister's fiance Ryan has a bird that talks (i don't know what it's official name is). We were over at Ryan's house one day and the bird began to talk. Ok, it was more like yelling! It would bark like a dog and say "Ryan" really loud. Flip, the thing kinda scared me a bit. But oh man, did it ever scare spicer. She stayed as far away from that bird as she could! If you wanted to take her in the room with the bird she started crying and shaking. Just Awful! For weeks, after that night, she talked about that bird or "teacock."

Now, back to the present. We thought she was over this. We took her to the Wild Wilderness Safari recently and she actually chased a peacock. So naturally we're like, she's good. No more fear. Boy were we wrong! Last night Mindy and Ryan came over for dinner. Somehow, the story about the bird talking got brought up and Spicer immediately was scared! She began to make sure that Ryan wasn't bringing the bird and she even kept checking over her shoulder to make sure it wasn't behind her! Oh how I hate to see her fearful. It didn't mater what we did to reassure her, she was going to continue to talk about it. After they left, it was time for bed. She kept saying "teacock, sleep?" I continued to reassure her that we did not have a bird in our house and we never would. We laid down in her big girl bed (i'll post about that later) and she quickly drifted off to sleep. I got up and joined Jared in the living room. Within minutes we heard her screaming! I went in there and she was running as fast as she could to me saying "teacock!" I picked her up and she squeezed me tighter than ever before! I ended up sleeping with her the entire night because I felt so bad for my sweet girl. So, needless to say, my daughter is terrified of talking birds or "teacocks" as she calls them.

I'll be praying that the Lord will guard and protect her and take this fear away. And that she won't always associate her future uncle with "teacocks!"

For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.
(not exactly sure where this scripture is off the top of my head, but I know it's a scripture)

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  1. Bless her heart! Braycen was like that with Bears for the longest, we couldnt even talk about them in front of him!