My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

miss independent!

My sweet little 3 year old is growing up way to fast for me! She is becoming so independent these days, way to independent! She now prefers to buckle herself completely into her car seat, pick out and put on all her clothes (she really likes this), brush her own teeth (eek!), get her own snack and drink, and pick up the mess she made (love this!)! All of these things she insists on doing herself, and by insist I mean, throw a fit if i don't let her at least try! I love her independence and her firey spirit! She's going to be one tough gal with passion for life! A lot like daddy! :)

Spicer Beth is oh so sweet too! Such a great little combo of independence, fire (messpotness as i call it) and sweetness! She has really been doing so great with Axl. She gets him toys, (sometimes takes them too, lol) and sees about him when he's crying. I can ask her to get me anything or do anything for him and she hops to it! She sure does love her little brother! Lately she's been talking about me having a baby sister for her too. She says she needs two little siblings! ha! She told me yesterday that she likes it when i have a big belly! I just smile and tell her "we will see what God has for us!" We're open to another or how ever many more, just don't know that this gal will bear them! ha! She might get another sibling but might not get mommy with a big belly again! Not because i don't like it, but because of health issues in pregnancy.

The other night SB was being pretty loud in bed. Axl was asleep next to her. So i hurried in to quiet her down. I said Spicer you need to be quiet because you don't want to wake brother. She said, "but mommy, i was just talking to my Jesus!" Oh how that warmed this momma's heart! just talking to my Jesus! precious! Doesn't get much better than that!

Love my sweet fireball daughter! She's the best! Thank you Jesus for choosing me to be her mommy!

this picture was taken right after she had chased the geese into the pond! they were not happy!

oh, and she is loving reading me books before bed! and i love it too!

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