My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Friday, March 02, 2012

7 months!

This little cutie turned 7 months old this past Sunday! 7 dad-gum months! How the flip did that happen?! Time surely is flying even faster with my second born.
Axl is such a happy little bundle of joy! He loves to be tickled and played with. He loves trying to pull things apart. He really likes to have someone in the same room as him! lol! Sometimes that someone just has to be momma! He loves playing with big sister too though! He is an unsupported sitter now! yay! and has started moving all over the place. The other night he got up on all fours and I thought, oh know! the crawling is about to commence! I expect that within the next week or so. For now, he just scoots backward! ha! I remember SB doing this. He still prefers standing though! Sometimes i literally have to force him to sit! The kid is super strong! Guess he will be built like daddy! :)
His sleeping has gotten better. He has to be flexible with naps during the day because we're so busy with big sister! I'm glad he's an easy baby. He naps here in there around the same times each day. His naps are usually between 30 and 45 minutes. Every now and then he'll take an extra long nap. (Which I love!) At night, we've moved him to his bed. Jared took the nap nanny to his shop so it wouldn't even be an option! ha! it was really jacking Axl's neck up! So, we've had a few long nights the past few weeks but he's doing much better in his bed now. And with not eating at night. I know, I know! SB was sleeping 12 hours a night at 10 weeks old! Axl, has still been eating at night! My bad! Guess i've just gotten more lax this time. It's been harder for me to let him cry it out! But we've had to this week and it's worked wonders! Should have done it a few months ago! It was just easier to stick a bottle in his mouth. :) In the evening, I feed him his last bottle (without rocking!) and lay him in his bed and he goes right to sleep now! thankful for this! I had to rock SB to sleep until she was 15 months old!
He started eating meat this month and loves him some beef! He's always been a good eater, thus the 20 or so lbs he weighs at 7 months! I love his rolly polly arms and thick legs! :)
Another something he loves... he loves for me to clean his ears! It's like he's getting a massage each time! He also loves bath time. He enjoys chewing on a wet rag while i scrub him! :)
He's became pretty objective this month. He basically stands up, bows his back and screams each time I put him in his car seat! yikes! He also doesn't like for me to change his diaper or his clothes. He's constantly fighting me on this! So I've learned to make it a game!
Overall my little 7 month old is a good combination of fiesty, sweet and laid back! I just love him! :) God is good!

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