My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

35 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights---

How Far Along: 35 Weeks Yay!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 28 lbs!
Size of baby: Almost 5 3/4lbs and about 18 inches long
Maternity Clothes: YES! I have been wearing my BeBand some with shorts and absolutely can't believe it's still fitting. ha! I wear these shorts a LOT! ha! I also wear summer dresses the most. They are the most comfortable!
Gender: Boy... Axl Joe Steven Fowler :)
Movement: Big stretches! and some jabs here and there. I think it's getting pretty snug in there for little man!
Sleep: It's ok. Last night I didn't get to sleep until around 1 and then woke up at 5. I did some things around the house and went back to sleep until SB woke up around 9:30. Guess my body is starting to get geared up for a weird sleeping schedule!
What I miss: Working out, laying on my belly and flat on my back. Sometimes I'll sit and watch a complete infomercial about a workout program. I'm so ready to work out again! I'm hoping to order the new "turbofire" workout! It's like turbo kick, which I love, just amped up a bit!
Cravings: Still not wanting to eat much... just little things here and there.
Symptoms: pressure especially after I've over done it and some contractions. I've really felt pretty great the past few weeks! God is good!
Best Moment this week: Getting tested for "fetal fibronectin" (or preterm labor) and the test coming back a negative! This is what put me on bed rest with SB. :) Dr. Bell did the test because we were headed to Branson last week and he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to go into labor (I'd been having some pretty good contractions). Not only was the test negative but I hadn't dilated a bit! Now that I'm 35 weeks I say, bring on the dilation! haha!

We are getting so excited to meet our boy! :)

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