My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Monday, February 14, 2011

27th Birthday!

I am 27 years old! Wow! I'm so thankful for the 27 years God has blessed me with. He's given me soooo much more than I could ever deserve!

We started off my birthday with frozen water pipes! Yes, it has been that cold around here. We have a filtered water system and the pipes froze where that enters our house. Jared spent the morning trying to thaw them out without having the pipes bust! He did manage to bring home some birthday balloons during that time though. He's always so very thoughtful!

After we got the pipes thawed out Jared and Spicer headed outside to play in the snow. We had a snowstorm the week of my birthday and got around 5 inches. Fun times! Jared bought a Polaris Razor ATV thing the day before my birthday. He said it was my birthday present and I'm cool with that! Those things are fun!!! Jared and SB played on that for about an hour while I napped. Yes, I know, but I'm just so worn out these days. Jared said they did donuts and went really fast. Spicer kept saying, "again, again!" She loves it!

When they were finished playing we headed to my favorite restaurant in FS "Rolandos!" Love, Love, Love that place! We enjoyed a nice quiet lunch. I think we missed the lunch rush because there were only a few people there (which is very rare) and we got our food super quick! That was awesomeness for this hungry pregnant girl! Happy Birthday to me! lol! Then, after lunch, I got word that one of my best friends had her baby! On my birthday!!! Yay! How awesome is that?! I mean, pretty awesome right?! He wasn't even due until the end of the month, but came out a very healthy 7 lbs 13 oz! I think they must have had that due date wrong or something. Anyway, we headed to the hospital to see that sweet bundle of joy and his sweet mommy Beth. They are doing great and Beth is such an awesome momma! :) Can't wait to see him again soon!

Finally, to wrap up the day we headed to Jared's grandma's house. We just love going down there. It's just such a down to earth feel good place where we can get some rest and relax. :)

We celebrated my birthday with Jared's mom and sister on Sunday afternoon and with my family on Sunday evening. Everyone just always goes above and beyond to make my birthday so special and I'm so very thankful! :)

a little birthday celebration!

I got some razor action the day before my birthday! I mean, it is my birthday present after all! lol! :)

Jared and Spicer ready to ride! Love them so much!

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  1. Happy 27th birthday! What great family you have ;)

    God bless!