My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


On Tuesday we had our last scheduled ultrasound before little man makes his big debut! Dr. Bell said everything looked great! He said baby is doing very well! *(Oh, and no bed rest for me!) Praise the Lord!

During the ultrasound Axl had the hiccups. I told the lady before she began and sure enough she said I was right. I asked if they get those from practicing breathing and she said she wasn't sure, but he was practicing breathing during the ultrasound as well! Good boy Axl! I was 32 weeks 2 days pregnant and he measured at 33 weeks! He's also weighing in at 4lbs! He's a healthy growing boy and for that I'm one very thankful mommy!

When we got to the 4D part, where we get to check out what the little guy looks like, he wasn't very cooperative! He kept covering his face with his arms! It was cute! The ultrasound tech said his head was so low that we wouldn't be able to get a good picture anyway. She said he kept wanting to cock his head back! That is exactly what Spicer did! (And we didn't get a good picture of her either!) The only thing I did see well was his little foot, and I think his feet look just like Spicer's. Ha!

So, his head is way down! PTL, because I want to avoid a C-section at all costs. His little bottom is on my left side and his arms and legs are on my right side. I told Jared I thought it was funny that he was upside down in there breathing in amniotic fluid! We can't be upside down for long and definitely can't breath in water! It's amazing how God makes babies in the womb! :)

We are very thankful for a good report and absolutely can't wait to meet this little guy! I still have lots to do, but it will get done and if not, it will be just fine! I did wake up this morning with more energy and a little nesting instinct! (I've been waiting for that to kick in!)

* I was a little concerned that Dr. Bell might put me back on bed rest because this was my first time to see him since being hospitalized for contractions. And I was put on bed rest with SB at 32 weeks for testing positive for pre-term labor. Dr. Bell said sometimes those pre-term labor things just happen and then you're just fine! Now that's exactly what I wanted to hear! He even told me I could work out some! Just stop if I start cramping. :)

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