My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Cedar

My sweet little family and I headed to Big Cedar Lodge near Branson last week for a couple of days. And man, it was just what we needed! That place is so relaxing!
When we arrived in Branson on Wednesday night we headed to the Landing to eat at our FAVORTIE mexican restaurant Cantina Laredo! Oh my! I love that place and had been craving it for months! Awesomeness! That's pretty much all we had time for that day.
Then, on Thursday we had breakfast outside (love eating outside) at one of the restaurants, walked several miles on the gorgeous trails, checked out the Marina, played on the playgrounds, swam in the outdoor pool and napped! It was a great day! That evening we headed to the IMAX (We just can't go to Branson without going there) and watched a movie about tornado chasing. Not quite sure SB approved of it but about halfway through she wasn't scared anymore! yikes! Oh well, it hasn't caused her any sleepless nights! ha!
Friday we got up had breakfast on our balcony and packed up (reluctantly, it's just hard to get away for long this time of year). Seriously, we could stay at Big Cedar for a week and hardly even go into Branson (but we do love Branson)! We just love it! We headed to Tanger for a little shopping, bull riding and break dancing (sb broke it down in gap! Michael Jackson was playing on the radio and the girl just couldn't help herself! She kept having to put on different accessories while she danced. She wore a gap hat and jacket most of the time! Oh my! Jared and I were rolling! haha! This kid has quite the personality!). After all that fun, we decided to head home.
Thank you Jesus for your many many blessings!

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  1. Jason just got home from being the Artist in Residence at Big Cedar for two weeks. I've never been but the pictures he brought back are beautiful. If he does it again next year, the girls and I are hoping to go with him.