My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

little buddies...

Spicer Beth is blessed to have so many little friends and she just loves them all! I love how much she loves people! She is always telling me she loves this friend or that, especially if she knows she is about to see them. She's such a little sweetie pie!

This school year a sweet lady in our town has been babysitting Spicer for half a day every Thursday so I can get some things accomplished (ha!). She also keeps another little girl Spicer's age. Spicer has gotten to be pretty good friends with this little girl! Each Thursday morning she gets so excited to go and see the sitter and her little friend! So, so precious!

I was uploading some pictures onto my computer and found this picture. I guess the sitter found my camera in SB's bag and snapped a picture. I love it! So glad she did!

Today some of our best friends came over for a little playdate! We were super excited to have them because it's been so long! Lots of stuff happening in life has kept us apart but not anymore! Things are settling down and we can get back to our fun times together! Spicer and Adelynn have been little buddies basically their entire lives! and their momma's have too! ha! Anyway, we had such a fun day with them today! We love them dearly! :)

SB kept wanting to stand up and Adelynn kept telling her to sit down! ha! I told Beth that Spicer can ride with Adelynn anytime when they are teenagers! Adelynn will keep her in line! lol! :)

Thank you Jesus for the blessing of friendship! We are so thankful for all the wonderful friends in our lives!

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