My Three Blessings!

My Three Blessings!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rainy Day Fun!

This Spring has been super rainy around here and Monday was no exception. I know most people aren't to fond of the rain, especially several days in a row, but I kinda like it because Jared usually gets to spend the day with us! :)

So, on our rainy Monday we started the day off at gymnastics. SB loves her some gymnastics. Her teacher is ready to move her up to the next class but I'm just not sure. I like that Jared and I can be out there with her now. The next class just seems to grown up for her or is that me! ha! Meaning I won't be out there with her! Can you imagine?! My little Spicer out there all by herself without mommy and daddy! (tear) Anyway, we had a great time at gymnastics and decided to head to the Pizza Warehouse for lunch. The Pizza Warehouse has yummy pizza and fun games to play. We had a great time eating (yes this chunky pregnant gal chowed down some pizza buffet ;) and playing. SB just kept wanting to play the paint game. I think she played that game 10 times. Basically the entire time we were there! ha! Glad she enjoyed it! Jared and I were also pretty impressed with her basketball shooting skills! She seriously just kept making those baskets! You know I love that! lol! :)

Thank you Jesus for rainy days and an awesome family to share them with!

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